So sad to see thats the gate to the pond area has been vandalised - havent people got better things to do with their time?!

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As you have seen, the fixings of the fence gate at the pond were vandalised on Thursday evening. Judith C, a member of the wildlife group, was the one who discovered the problem, together with broken branches & bottles in the pond and reported it. She also put up a notice advising of the damage. Well done Judith for taking the initiative! The hinges had been broken away from the post that supports the gate. It is intended for the post to be replaced this week and for the gate to be re-hung. At the same time, the access for push-chairs through will be improved by sloping the front edge of the first slab. The costs will be taken from the same fund that was used for the refurbishment of the pond, which was money collected at previous Music in the Park events.

The next meeting of the Wildlife Group at the pond will be on Thursday July 10th 7 pm at the pond. Meetings are quite informal and last only for half an hour or so. Hope you can make it.


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