Am I the only person feeling that we will end up spending a lot of money on something that will become a magnet for anti-social behaviour, and will be rapidly subject to vandalism and abuse. Nice idea but naive.

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Hi mrob,

I have just posted a piece on the pond, and saw this new topic.

You have raised an issue that the former Friends Group discussed, and in my case agonised over, many times.

We were all very disappointed that the earlier renovation was unsuccessful. I guess we were naive enough to hope that the pond would not be vandalised. As John says in his piece, the new plans are for a 'vandal-proof' pond, and money was collected specifically for this at the Music in The Park events.

So we thought it right to give it another try; I will be very, happy if it is successful. I look forward to seeing this discussion continue - any ideas on how we can encourage this? Perhaps after tonight's meeting (10.7.07) there will be more comments and ideas.

I appreciate your concern but it is up to us to make it work.............some members like Jo Cork &
John Mayne are passionate about having a pond & at the meeting tonight there was one Gentleman
who said his kids loved the Pond when it was set up...........Diversity is a great thing & because there
are some vandals in Life does not make it right to suspend such ideals .........I say go ahead
Graffiti........We will paint it out..........Build a Pond ...trash it........We will protect it.....
It's all a matter of perception.........Give in to thugs & you're doomed!


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