Dear Friends,

I attach the Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 10 July 2007. Thanks are due to Jo Corke for taking them.
These have been emailed to those with email. Hard copies have gone by hand (thanks Doug Reid) to all those without email.

If you know anyone who is interested in the Friends and wants email information which may not get posted on the website, please ask them to email me.

The next Meeting: It was felt that more time was needed to establish the Special Interest Groups and to give people a chance to go to groups other than, and in addition to, their first choice.

At the next meeting we shall be processing nominations for the posts listed on the Minutes for the "Umbrella" (Co-ordinating) Group. Please be sure that your nominated person has given their consent! Please be present to vote.

The proposed dates for the next Meeting are Tuesday 9th October or Wednesday 17th October 2007. PLEASE STATE YOUR PREFERENCE BY 21st JULY 2007 otherwise we shall assume you have none.

Once we finalise all these details we can get on with the happy task of being The Friends, as well as simply Friends....and the real partying can begin......!

Best wishes,

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As agreed, Chris Hammond and I have checked the impact of the new Dog Control Orders.

Chris has confirmed that, "There are four separate Control Orders being brought in on Aug 1st, two of which apply in this situation. The park as a whole is exempted from the Dogs on Lead regulation, however the enclosed area is listed as a dog exclusion area in the Dog Exclusion Order which is an improvement on what was in place before".

This means that from 1st August people can be fined for taking a dog into the dog free area, which is the fenced area at top right of park, including children's play area, the paddling pool and the grass area between.
Jon who has the power to issue these fines? Sarah
Hi Sarah

Dog wardens can issue these Fixed Penalty Notices.

The role of the Dog Warden Service includes:

* promote responsible dog ownership, through education, advice, leaflets, free poop-scoop bags and thank you cards
* the collection of stray dogs from the streets of Bristol,
* enforce the dog fouling laws.
* ensure that dogs wear a collar and tag for identification.
* issue fixed penalty notices
* provide advice on dog behavioural and welfare issues.

I assume that the police can also issue these notices.

Offenders face an £80 Fixed Penalty fine for not complying with the orders which will be reduced to £60 for prompt payment within 10 days. Failure to accept or pay a Fixed Penalty Notice will result in potential legal action being taken through the Magistrates Courts where the maximum fine if found guilty is £1,000.

As promised, Chris Hammond and I have been looking into the Section 106 funds available for St Andrews Park. These are monies identified to support the local area when developments are agreed at planning.

Two recent examples are reported by Jim Cliffe, the S106 officer. Of course this money is for open space around Bristol, not necessarily St Andrews Park....

"S106 Open Space Money for Ashley Court Hotel site (£54,930.88 to be index linked from September 2006) is due upon commencement of development - when I last looked a month or so ago the site had been cleared but development had not commenced i.e. they had not started building. If they have now started please let me know and I'll collect the money accordingly."

"S106 Open Space Money for Dovercourt Garage site(£288,607.00 to be Index Linked from September 2006) is due upon first occupation of the development i.e. when people move into the new flats. I'd imagine that this will not be for at least a year."

"It is for Parks to decide how they wish to spend the monies. From a Planning Dept point of view all we are concerned about is that the monies are spent in accordance with the terms of the S106 and that there are appropriate audit trails in place. If there are specific open space schemes that local residents are interested in seeing implemented then I'd suggest discussing these with Chris Hammond / Pete Wilkinson to ensure that Parks take these into consideration when allocating the money."
Chris Hammond has also provided an update on the current S106 at his disposal for St Andrews Park...

"X17 £10,962.20: Allocated for repairs / improvements to the toilet/mother baby room and disabled toilet.

"X03 £25,021,31: Allocated to paddling pool repair/maintenance, footpath repairs/improvements, new litter bins, seating repairs/improvements, and interpretation signage."

I understand that the new hedge and associated works was budgeted to cost £7000, but in fact came in at £3000 as Chris did a joint project with Filton College as part of their training for NVQ. I understand that those involved all passed their NVQ Level 2 in Horticulture!

We are all agreed that we need to ensure that there is suitable consultation on any other improvements or developments in the Park and the presence of Friends of St Andrews Park should aid that process.
Jon presumabily it would be helpful if we went to CH with specific suggestions on the use of these funds?
are there any deadlines in place as to when the money must be used by?

I am hoping that the antisocial behavior /litter group will meet in sept and draw up a list of priorities to put firstly to the whole group at the Oct meeting and then take to CH.

Is there therefore a £4000 gardening 'pot' which remains unused? Am sure we can make planting suggestions which might help with other issues. Sarah
I am sure it would be helpful to take ideas and suggestions to Chris Hammond. There are deadlines on the funds, but they are not imminent. There is no specific "gardening pot" - I think Friends should consider what might improve the park and then we can take any proposals to the Parks Department. Jon


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