Are there any plans to have the basketball hoop at the top of the park re-instated? It’s such a great resource for young people who have so few options at the moment.

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hi Anna,

i will ask the Play Coordinatotor... we have renewed it before, but it didn’t last long, as far as I remember.

Oh please do! Thank you so much for the speedy response.

Hi Anna, I heard back form Sarah, the Play Coordinator as follows:

We have funding for a new basketball hoop (not netball hoop as these have proved insufficiently robust). There is a possibility that funding could extend to a slightly larger and more versatile 'goal end' structure, if it fits in OK on the site.
Sarah is thinking of posting something on our Facebook page with a picture, and invite views. The link to the FB page is on right of this website.

Thanks that’ll really great news. It’d be great if it could be done during the summer holidays when so many kids have time on their hands. I’m not on Facebook, and I imagine quite a few of the potential users won’t be either but I do hope you get good support for this.



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