the two main topics of conversation at the moment seem to be the provision of a communal BBQ
& what to do with the existing Play Equipment whether to demolish & start again or to preserve &
add to the existing.

The idea of a BBQ would perhaps be OK if it is built from Stone just like the surrounding houses &
that it be located in a position agreed by all?

The Play Equipment that exists may have been there for a few years but it looks superior to the photos of play areas that have been provided as examples of what is contemplated? I suggest we keep the existing & add to it if there is space.

I also agree that there is no need for the provision of sand .

All the Best,


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I am not against the idea of the BBQ however i feel that as with many things in Bristol it may be abused. You need to remember that a communal BBQ would mean that anyone is welcome to use it and therefore would be on a first come first serve basis. So there would be no constraints as to who could use it. We also need to remember that the hot weather attracts some not so nice people and is usually the time in which we recieve most complaints.
Also if the BBQ's are left out on a full time basis there is no telling what kind of things would be done to the actual equipment and i not sure people would be want to eat food off of it! One more thing, if the BBQ was to be used very late at night on a hot day this could cause problems for the local residents.

May i make a suggestion,
Instead of a communal BBQ or BBQ area you could purchase a large BBQ and request that it be kept under lock and key by the Parks officer. That way anyone could request use of the BBQ on a certain date. This would ensure the BBQ would not be abused or used by the type of people who cause problems in the park, it would also be clean. This would also enable the local residents to be informed of the proposed BBQ session.
As for a communial area could you not just used one of the paved areas that way the park would not need to be changed and you would meet less resistance from the council.

Any thoughts?

PC 1486 Alexander OWEN
BD 174 - Beat Manager
Redland Police Station

I agree with most of this. I was also of the view that a BBQ would be vandalised but I hadn't thought of what you're

thinking!. Maybe a "mobile BBQ" is the answer?


Doug Reid
Yep, a good idea from Alex, which sounds like an acceptable compromise - and will satisfy both barbecuephiles and barbecuephobes alike!
The trouble with having to order a barbecue in advance is that most BBQs are not planned for in this way but usually decided upon on an impromptu basis, i.e. if the weather is good. Nor will having access to a hireable BBQ stop most individuals/groups from wanting to use their own disposable ones which invariably leave a long term burnt scar in the grass.
It appears that the way they do things in Australia & here are two quite different things.

Personally, I would love it if it was possible to have a "fixed" Barbecue in St Andrews Park but

the chances of Vandalism would be extremely high & I'm not sure how you would counter that.

The fact that Somerfield pile disposable barbecues high is probably the cause of the latest

scourge. Martin Weitz has written to them on this subject but their response was something

along the lines of "Somerfield are a considerate company & encourage responsible use of these


They are more interested in selling barbecues than they are in protecting the grass in

StAndrews Park .

Shame they couldn't start providing those with legs to keep the barbecues off the grass

That would solve the whole problem.

I doubt we shall ever see a fixed barbecue or a mobile one because there are problems

associated with both...

Doug Reid
I appreciate that with the onset of winter, barbecues are a long way off peoples minds at the moment and Halloween is foremost in our thoughts.
I would like to put forward this idea. Instead of one or more permanent barbecues which may invite vandalism, the problem of who cleans it,who makes sure it's out, etc. why not allow people to bring in their disposable ones which they are already used to doing and just set in the grass at a number of places, patio stones. Set deep enough the slabs can be mown over.
A suitably worded notice could be sited at each entrance to the park welcoming barbecuers but asking them to respect the amenities and pointing out that suitable sites are provided in order to preserve the grass. Patches of grass already burnt could be the site for slabs thereby curing that problem.
I'd be interested to know what anyone thinks.
Alan Rossiter.
Hi Alan,
Thanks for this suggestion.

We have been told that Bristol Council are considering various BBQ options in several City Parks and I will ask them to add this one to their list.

In the meantime, hopefully the grass will grow back, albeit slowly during the winter. I looked today and I think some of the patches are already beginning to regenerate.

Agreed. A good suggestion



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