Hi, I think that the improvements made earlier in the year to the childrens play area are great. However one thing which bothers me & I wonder if it has been overlooked or whether they have not been changed for a reason are the 2 gates into the childrens play area.

The one by the cafe area is forever being left open & does not really close properly. And the newer gate, although it automatically closes, is easily opened even by very young children. Is there any way these gates can be child proofed? I.e some sort of latch on them that can be opened by adults but not by younger children.

I spend a lot of time at the park and children are forever making bids for freedom (!) through the gates & I think it would give parents a bit more peace of mind & be safer if the gates were more secure. I do appreciate aswell that its parents responsibility to look after their children, but if you are looking after several & they run in different directions it is difficult sometimes to keep them away from the lure of the open gates (particularly the one that leads to the ice cream!).

Just wondered what other peoples thoughts were & if anything can be done?

Thanks, susan

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Hi Susan

Good points - childproof gates would be an obvious benefit . The bottom gate has been broken for some time.

As a matter of interest, it is a legal requirement in Australia to have gates to areas intended for children 'child-proofed'. This is done very simply, by putting the latch above the height young children can reach. It isn't difficult.

Hello Susan (and Bill),
Thanks for posting your contribution. I have just spoken to our Community Park Officer, Miles Harris, about the problem. He was unaware of it and agreed to see what funding might be available. I've sent him an email with the above wording copied on it. I don't expect to hear immediately but will chase it up if I don't hear within a couple of weeks. As you can imagine, things like this that are important to us are not always in the same category to council officers and getting the money for any works like this, however small, always seems to be a problem.

John Mayne
Chair of FoSAP
I agree Susan
just the other day when I was at the cafe, two toddlers made their way out of the bottom gate with frantic parents in pursuit.
the thing is the Council know all about it
it was brought to their attention several times during the planning of 'new' layout and on the opening day,
but still nothing has been done.

will mention it ahgain to the playground co-ordinators, Anna King and Emma Downing to see if they will keep up the pressure.
perhaps it would be helpful to contact our Councillor ? best wishes Sarah McMurchie


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