There is a proposal for the AGM that FOSAP should ask the Council to require all dogs to be kept on leads.
I would suggest that seems quite a major proposal which should really be discussed fully, rather than just pushed onto the AGM agenda at the last minute.
I also think that all the users of the park should be informed of this proposal before FOSAP makes such a major decision. 
There is otherwise the risk that FOSAP is perceived as a small group who just want the park run for their own benefit and enjoyment, rather than for the benefit of the community at large.

I would note that dogs being kept on leads would not resolve the poo problem: dogs on leads regularly poo outside my house, and the owners at the end of the lead just walk on once they're done.

There is also a more fundamental question of who/what the park is for?  Some people find their enjoyment spoilt by dogs.  Others can find the presence of screaming children irritating, or be intimated teenagers messing around.  Maybe we need to recognise that it is a *public* space, and sometimes other members of the public use it for purposes that we don't like.   (The only exception to this would obviously be bongo players, who should be forcibly removed)

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On behalf of the canine group of the Park I would like to express my relief at the withdrawal of the dogs on leads proposal. Nothing starts the day better than a good run round the park and the idea of having to be tied to my owner was as distressing as having to look through the fence at that beautiful grass in the dog free area.

Personally I think that the cats and the foxes have a lot to answer for with the waste that gets left in the grass and no one is suggesting that they have to go round with a a bit of string tied to their neck.

Two proposals that I and my canine friends would support however are:
1. Banning ball games - it really is demeaning having to run backwards and forwards, fetching a ball over and over again, and a ban would mean we could concentrate on the smells round the park instead
2. Climbing trees - the squirrels are becoming unbearable at the moment, and I think it only fair if they are required to stay at ground level

The Park really is a fantastic place, and we dogs (and our owners) love it. Most of the owners I know round here do a pretty good job of cleaning up after us too. It is great that the Friends spend a lot of time looking after the park and we do appreciate it - hopefully we can work together to make sure all that decisions can be made in the interests of all of the users of the Park.

Thanks again

P.S. Actually I rather like the bongo drums...


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