I am totally unable to understand why this man is advertising dubious products on this site.

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Hello Hilary. Simon Davies who runs the website for FoSAP is on holiday at the moment and so is probably unaware of the way that the website is being hacked into for rather nasty commercial purposes. I've sent him an email with details and hope that we'll be able to block the messages soon.
Welcome to the website by the way. I'm the chair of the Friends and hope that you'll get a lot of interest out of belonging to the group. We had a meeting last evening, but the next one is on October 20th and you'd be welcome to attend. Details will be sent out nearer the date.

John Mayne
Hi John and sorry to join and immediately sound censorious - I guess I was just a bit shocked at how someone was managing to abuse such a lovely community site (and am not so familiar with the ways of hackers). I'd love to come along on 20/10.
I have removed the offensive spam and people now applying to become members have to be approved by me.
Great! Do I need to be approved :-)
you are approved and have passed the initiation test!


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