Hulloo, spotted that there's some glass in the pond, looks like a 2x0.5' shard of safety glass. Thought it was polythene and tried to remove it with a stick, then realised it's glass. I've taken a photo but can't see how to upload here. Cheers.

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Back from the pond; with the help of BCC park staff we removed as much of the glass as we could. I think it is reinfoced glass, as it was very crumbly, and some pieces may still be there, but hopefully not much is left. 

Once again thanks for spotting it and alerting us Andrew; we rely on support of such Friends as yourself.


Most welcome. This piece of crumbly glass is to the left hand side, at the foot of the reed stems (if stood on the stepping stones near the front fence). I didnt like to attempt removal as I wasn't sure if the pond liner was string enough to stand on. Can m/email/share a pic if that helps


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