Could anyone give me some guidelines for advertising?  I have flyers for our Summer Music Club "Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Park" which takes place in St Barts Church Hall in July. Can I tie flyers around the park entrances at all?  Or is there an official notice board?  Perhaps I could leave some flyers with the lady who runs the cafe?  Any help much appreciated.  Our website is at 


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Hello Jo,

There is a community noticeeboard near the cafe. You can post flyers there. You can spot it from this picture.


You can post flyers at the entrances; many peoploe use a laminated copy and attach it by string or electrical ties.

The lady who runs the cafe is Fay; you may ask her if she will display or leave copies with her.

Best wishes for the event. We love musical events at FoSAP

Thanks so much for your reply.  I'll go and put some up this week. 

Many thanks


I always post my bird walk flyers around the entrances too.


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