Hello.  On walking past the park the other day, a young lad pointed out a drowned hedgehog in the paddling pool and I wondered if there was anything we could do to help prevent this incident in future - whether it be some kind of slope that hedgehogs could climb out of or barrier to stop them coming into the area.  I've also reported it to the Parks department. I'm no wildlife expert, but concerned for the decline of hedgehogs.  If anybody has any ideas I'd be happy to try and help.  Thanks. Jane

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Hi Jane,

Good to know there are still hedgehogs in and around the park, but what a shame one has died in this way. I think some kind of ramp might help, but maybe only if there was at least one provided on each side of the pool. But it sounds like it could be a good idea.

I have sent the following email to the Mammal Society (of Great Britain) which I hope will get a helpful reply:


Our local park in a dense urban area of North Bristol has a large, approx. 12 metres by 12 metres paddling pool. A dead hedgehog was found in the pool the other day, drowned. It has been suggested that some kind of ramp(s) if put in, might allow trapped hedgehogs to escape.

The Friends of St Andrews Park would welcome any advice on this matter.


Simon   FoSAP wild life convenor

Hi Jane,

We also need to let Mickey, our park keeper know. Some sort of ramp would sound a good idea - and perhaps people can keep an eye out and rescue any more unfortunate hedgehogs in the meantime.


Hi Simon 

Thanks for your reply.  Hopefully we will get some response back from the Mammal Society as to the best thing to do.

Kind regards



Hi Jane,

For what it is worth, here (below) is the reply from The Mammal Society, which is, I suppose, just based on common sense and what you suggested in the first place! Whether the Council in its present financial situation will be willing to supply a ramp/ramps, given also that this is a freak accident, is doubtful. But we have nothing to lose by asking. I will raise the subject at the next FoSAP meeting on Dec 7th (or you can of course if you are able to attend the meeting)  before taking it up with the Council. There is no real urgency as all sensible hedgehogs should by now have found somewhere to hibernate for the winter.

I'm not sure how interested you are in hedgehogs. It would be good to try and encourage the probably very small local population to use our park if we can make conditions attractive and safe for them. Maybe you would like to explore this issue? We did have a hedgehog in the park seven years ago by the hedge next to the pond. I managed to photograph it. You can see the photo (not a brilliant one!) by putting 'hedgehog' in the search box at the very top right of the front page of the website.

Best wishes,


Dear Simon,
Yes, a small ramp of some kind would allow any small mammals, including hedgehogs, a better chance of climbing out if they are unlucky enough to fall in. Even a plank of wood makes a difference (although might not look fantastic).
For more info about making gardens and parks more hedgehog friendly, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society also has some good advice. http://www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/
Best wishes,

Enquiries & Administration Team
The Mammal Society

Hi Simon, thanks for your reply.  Will try to make it along to your Dec 7th meeting. Cheers Jane

Hi Jane,

I have just seen the date of the next FoSAP meeting. I'm afraid I won't be in Bristol then! So hope you may be able to attend and raise the hedgehog issue. If not, it will have to be deferred to a later meeting. Sorry I hadn't spotted this before.



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