I've just joined FoSAP and use the park regularly with my family.

I'm also involved with the relaunch of a local Woodcraft Folk group (a children's organisation for boys and girls aged 5-9) who meet weekly at St Bart's Church.  The group has a big focus on wildlife and the environment and on supporting and getting involved in the local community.

I know there are monthly bird-watching events at the Park.  Is there anything else running that could help children in wildlife-spotting in the Park?  If not, would one of you wonderful wildlife enthusiasts be willing to run something for the group later on in the spring / summer?

Many thanks,


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Hi Jaqui,

In addition to the information boards on Wildlife (by the pond), Trees (by the Effingham/Leopold Road entrance) and Birds ( near the Somerville/Maurice Road entrance), we have recently added an illustrated information board for children/parents in the play area which you may find helpful.  This suggests some possible ideas for looking at the park's wildlife. We don't have any organised activities relating to wildlife other than the bird watches. I might possibly be prepared to be involved in some activity focusing on wildlife, but only if I can persuade another wild life group person to jointly run it.  But I'm not willing to commit myself unless I can arrange that.

Hi Jacqui,
My Community Festival, first weekend in May, has events that may interest your woodcraft group,
See Events on this website for more details,
Jo (Wildlife group)


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