Here is a link to last Sunday's open mike session. A group had set up amp, microphones and electric guitars with a sign saying open mike. When I phoned the police, they said that an officer had been out and there was 'no issue'. I am still waiting for a senior office to call me back to explain why they didn't consider it a problem...

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Sorry the link isn't working. Try this one



The Youtube video shows these young people are reasonably talented. But I was going past the park on Oct 2nd and could hear their very amplified set up from quite a long way away.  I don't see why they couldn't have enjoyed themselves just as much, at a quarter of the volume of sound they were putting out.
Throwing a bar of soap among them should disperse them.


They may have talent, but I don't really want top hear it for 7 hours on a lovely Sunday afternoon. My point is that I don't feel it is reasonable to inflict your musical taste on everybody in the area. I might fancy playing the Nolan Sisters at full belt but don't because I think most people may not share my love of crap music! 




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