Bristol City Council's Neighbourhood Arts Team will be installing a piano in St Andrews Park for free public access as part of Colston Hall Opening Celebrations in September. The piano will be secured on site to the railings outside the children's play area near the cafe from Friday 4 September until Monday 28 September.

Fay & Karen who run the cafe have agreed to act as custodians during the project and they will be responsible for locking the piano keyboard in the evenings when they lock up the cafe and unlocking them in the morning when they open up so that it can't be played late at night. If you have any concerns or need to report any problems with the piano please email and we will deal with it as quickly as possible. We are keen to find a local resident or two who can also help with this task as the cafe doesn't open if it's raining. If you can help out with locking and unlocking the piano please contact me Sally Reay on 07974 684749.

We'd really like to encourage people the play the piano, to organise concerts and performances whilst the piano is in situ. You can find out more about this project including the locations of the other 15 pianos by visiting I've also attached some information about this project which you can download and circulate by email.

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what would be even cooler would be to have a webcam pointing at it for the duration and then an edited version of the resultant musical feast posted on to youtube etc.
What have we done to deserve this new punishment?! Will the installation
artist Luke Jerram come and sit next to this piano at all hours and ensure
it is not smashed to pieces and that only Mozart and Bach is played? What
if local residents decide the "music" played is a noise nuisance - can we
call Community Police to stop the performance? Dont get me wrong, my middle
name is not "ye olde curmudgeon" - I do like art and experimentation - but
this sounds more like keyboard kr*p - just a gimmicky nonsense. How about
getting some decent pianists to play in the park? Yes Ok. and Give piano
workshops - yes. Show local people how to improvise on the piano - Yes! But
this lacks imagination, thinking-throughness Read my lips!

best wishes, martin weitz
Should be interesting to see if it is vandalised? Might be quite fun if some people who can really play turn up
Having looked at the website I am doing a U-turn and fully support the piano in the park idea! Its good to have an open mind! Anyone in any doubts about its merits should have a look at : My only reservation is that there should be a hotline number for any problems and piano playing should be limited to daylight hours. The other problem is the rain, but they say their will be a piano raincoat provided.
Bristol City Council's Neighborhood Arts Team will be providing the piano custodians (Fay & Karen at the cafe) with a key to lock and unlock the piano and with an emergency telephone number to call should there be any problems. We will brief them to unlock and lock during the cafes normal opening hours. We are still looking for a local resident who lives around the edge of the park to act as a keyholder too please email if you can help.


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