As a regular park user I personally am very aware of the value of the park.  I am tremendously grateful to the Victorians who laid it out, the maintenance people who keep it, erm, maintained, Fay who cheers me up with cups of tea, and the FoSP whose oversight maintains the heritage, community, wildlife and vision of the park.

I'd like to support but

  • I'm not one for groups or going to socials
  • I don't like email
  • I've got a lot on my plate

Maybe someone could find a way for a lazy, middle class person like me to help on an ongoing basis.  This is likely to involve a one-time set up on my part, and tapping in to my bank account.  In short, a standing order to a FOSP "projects" account.  There is the benefit of gift aid too if it is set up correctly.  I know of others who feel the same.  

Thoughts please?

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Hi Helen,
I will contact the treasurer and ensure that you can retain in your current status while painlessly supporting the park.

We will be in touch,
Jo Corke, membership.


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