March against the cuts - Parks and Open spaces block - 9 September 2017

Dear Friends

You may be aware from the Bristol City Council Consultation that funding for parks is very likely to be 100% cut as a result of the austerity measures they are being forced to impose.
One of the measures under consideration is the closure of all public toilets other than park toilets which means that the homeless will be forced to gravitate to parks for basic needs.
It means that parks will be required to provide tree maintenance services, grass cutting and general maintenance and presumably they could be charged for the emptying of park waste and dog bins.
It is not clear who may be responsible for the upkeep of children's play areas.
The city is also under huge pressure to sell off green spaces or set them aside for housing.
Mayor Marvin Rees is supporting a march against austerity and the cuts he and his team are being forced to impose.
We are aiming for 10,000 people to join the march on 9 September and would appreciate all the support of Park and Green Space friends and  users who can form their own block and bring their own specific home-made placards. The more individual - the better!
I very much hope you can raise awareness by rallying your friends and users to join us.  If you would like posters and flyers to post in the park or door to door, please reply to this email and I will arrange to deliver some to you.
With best wishes
Alison Allan - 07967 001872

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Thanks for this Alison. I have made it an Event on this website so it gets as much publicity as possible.


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