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text version for those without Word:

PRESENT Sarah McMurchie and Jon Gulson.

1 Recent litter problem shows need for:
• Flexibility in cleaning up by Council;
• Availability of temporary bins to be accessible when required (and potentially by locals residents)
• Some larger bins in centre of Park
• Some bins along Leopold Road stretch

2. What are the Issues?
• Litter strewn across the park? (unsightly but temporary)
• Litter piled around the bins? (unsightly but temporary)
• Recycling opportunities being lost? (Do we need another recycling unit at Maurice Road/Leopold Road exit?)
• Siting of bins- some hardly used
• Question of youth v. age?

3. How do we encourage people to act responsibly?
• Can message be conveyed in a fun/interesting way?
• Agreed to conduct survey on recycling/litter- with recycling emphasis.
• Agreed to keep a Litter Diary to quantify and record extent of litter problem

4. What further information do we need?
• What contracts do Council have in place with Continental Landscapes?
• Would any locals be willing to help out with unexpected litter problems?
• What can locals do if there is an emergency litter problem?
• Do we need an emergency litter group?

5. Other Points:
• Approach Tesco and Somerfield to elicit help with litter coming from their shops.
• Will they sponsor bins?
• Will they put recycling message on bags?
• Will they put notices in shops?
• Need Liberal Democrats to take the lead on recycling in Park?
• Plastic recycling is too successful- think we need another bin for plastics
• Invite reps from park groups in Redland/Cotham/Bishopston- how can we work together to solve problems?
• Someone to go to local schools and speak to Head about problem- get their involvement.
A few bin-related comments:

We should congratulate whoever it was (council, contractor?) who decided to paint the temporary bins green. They blend in so much better like that. Let's give some praise as well as moans.

But then on to the moan: where have the recycling bins by the main Effingham Road entrance gone?

And finally a positive note: when I take the dog out at bedtime, I have been really impressed by the amount of rubbish that is piled into/beside the bins. Whilst there are a few mindless litter-leaving idiots, it is nice that there are many people who *do* tidy up after themselves
The litter is improving I agree but I do think we need a zero-tolerance approach to litter. It is simply not acceptable to leave your rubbish strewn around the park. Why are we prepared to put up with litter at all in Bristol? It is just so much of a feature of life now?
What do FOSAP think about late night bonfires in the park? A large group of noisy people, late into the night, this time on a thursday night, causing quite a disturbance til at least after 11pm and damage to the grass this morning. And what about all the balloons lying about everywhere?
I feel such an old fogey moaning away like this. I really don't want to spoil people's enjoyment but so much noise late at night.... Is this the pattern now til October?
Park warden and about bins council got rid


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