Hi All

I am not a regular visitor to the park but my daughter loved it and has spent many a summer with her friends there.

Unfortunately having battled for 5 months with stomach cancer I regret to say that she passed away earlier this week aged just 17

I would very much like to purchase a memorial bench for her and the park and would very much appreciate if anyone can give me any information of how I would go about doing this if permissable.


Kind regards


John Pedroche



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Hi John and welcome to the FoSAP website,

I am  sorry to hear that your daughter has passed away, and hope I can find an answer your question.

On previous occasions when people have asked this question, Bristol City Council has said that the purchase of a bench in the park is not possible.

However, I do not know the current position, so I will send your query to the appropriate person at BCC and ask them for a response. I will get back to you as soon as I have an answer.

In sympathy,


Hi John,

I have had a response from BCC. They are happy to discuss the possibility.

You can contact them directly by emailing Bristol.Parks@bristol.gov.uk

If you prefer, you can email me at Fosapark@gmail.com. then I will pass on your email to the person in charge,



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