Hi friends of St Andrews!

I wanted to see if anyone on here knew about or could direct me me to the right people who do know about having a memorial bench put in St Andrews Park for my mum. She loved nothing more than sitting in the park with a good book and relaxing in the lovely surroundings.

I have researched on the Internet the various benchs and standards that they must meet and now just need to know if this is possible or not...and how I can go about it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Hello Pauline,

Bristol City coucil are responsible for the benches in the park. In recent times they have not agreed to individuals putting in a bench per se, but you can put a memorail plaque on a bench. I believe that you provide the plaque, and they fix it for you.

The person to contact is  Sarah Tyler

Jo Corke website membership secy.

Thanks very much for your help!


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