What has the warm spring weather brought us over the last few days?

Not blossom and birdsong - but beer bottles, noise and urine. 

Loud music from amplifiers throbbing all afternoon and evening - the endless hiss of Nitrous oxide cylinders  - widespread drunken behaviour - people urinating all around the park opposite our houses - people illegally selling food, jewellery, alcohol and drugs  in the belief they are at a Glastonbury type event -  daily overflowing rubbish bins - hundreds of beer bottles and gas cylinders littering the grass.


I'm sure everyone living around the park is completely sick and tired of the endless mess, noise and anti-social behaviour. OK its great for people to enjoy the park and the sunshine  but few would disagree that things have got out of control and are heading for trouble. 

Our park has been deluged with people who dont care  about the rubbish and the noise. It has been transformed into a squalid mess.  OK - some or even most say they care - but look at the mess and come hear the noise for yourself. 



What chance in hell have they got of achieving Green Flag status for the park when they abandon it in such a blatant manner?   Why is no one taking any notice and bringing in regular police patrols and providing an adequate number of rubbish bins?     Why have they abandoned any rubbish collections at weekends - just when the rubbish is at its worst!

Meanwhile the park we have all done so much to try and improve over the last few years is turning into a place where young families with children are too  frightened to enter it.   Children feel threatened by the drunken, drugged older youths.  

When local children say they are scared of entering the park because of the drunken and drugged youths we should be worried. 



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I was in the park by the pond, photographing wild life on Thursday afternoon, April 7th, and you could hear a sound system playing on the other 'youth' side of the park quite clearly.  A woman and her 7/8 year old son came up to me and after a brief chat about 'where were the tadpoles?' she asked if I was a FOSAP person and then said how upset she was at the way in which the park seems to have been taken over and dominated by the huge numbers of students and young people on the sunny slopes at the Leopold Road side of the park.  She felt people like herself with younger children had been displaced by this large youth scene, there was little space for children of her son's age to play football and that even well away from that area, one was still exposed to the noise pollution of their loud music.

I sympathised with her, particularly as I felt like her that loud music that can be heard all over the park is totally antisocial. I said that there was supposed to be a full time park keeper but it was impossible for him to do much to control this situation.  Though I don't see why he couldn't at least ask those playing loud music to stop.

I know from your house position that you are particularly exposed to this youth scene, Martin. You can obviously  observe the social detail of these gatherings and I hope you can record the necessary evidence to get the Council to take this developing problem seriously, though the massive scale of the litter left at the end of a hot day is there for all to see.


By the way, I couldn't see the photos you refer to.


What does Toby O'connor Morse's  Facebook page say about all thiis?



It has to be said that now that masses of people are coming every hot day that the number of 45 gallon drums needs to be

doubled for Litter in other words about 30 bins not 15...............




It makes me very angry to see this fabulous park abused in this way. Perhaps with the cut-backs, police and BCC no longer see the situation as a priority?




We can't put up with this situation, I agree. Might it be time to work with local councillors to see if there can be official prohibitions on alcohol, barbecues, loud music, etc.?  

I couldn't agree more Martin.


This morning I e-mailed photos of all the litter on the Sunday morning to our City Councillor Bev Knott and asked him what the Council are going to do about it.  I have also copied in Stephen Williams our MP who is a resident.


Effectively what we have are ad hoc "festivals" completely out of control. Can I suggest that everyone who hasn't yet done so email Bev Knott.  We need to lobby  the police and the Council and other powers that be.  See below one of the photos that I took on my Blackberry - totally unacceptable... 


As  shown by this photograph  some people have tried to put all the rubbish together................More bins are

required & perhaps collections  during the day itself.


Doug reid

There are already a substantial number of bins in the park which are not the most beautiful of additions. To have a much greater number will be unsightly and will simply encourage the huge, antisocial gatherings that are occuring and spoiling the park for a lot of local residents.If people can carry a bag with food and drink to the park, why can't they take it away again? It should be  a space that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Judging from the number of cars parked all around the park, a lot of young people are travelling to the park from elsewhere and are swelling the numbers, it is not just those who live locally.

We were walking through Victoria Sq in Clifton on Saturday and it was being enjoyed by all, it was not the scene of a 'festival', neither was St.George's Park yesterday or the large park by Fishponds Road. Each was being enjoyed responsibly by a wide age group. People are not allowed BBQs on the Downs so why is it permissible in a small enclosed area like St. Andrews park? I would have thought also, that the amount of food waste left in the park over night constitutes a health hazard with regard to vermin.

I agree with most of what you have said but St Andrews Park  is one of the nicest in Bristol & that is

why it is attracting young people in large numbers & indeed as you point out people are coming in

cars from other areas.  Enforcement  would be the most difficult aspect  of policing the Park

as an offence has to be observed by an Officer.


Doug Reid



Good idea to send photos to our councillors. Can I suggest that in additiion to Cllr. Knott you might send one to Jon Rogers (Ashley) and David Willingham (Bishopston) as well? I think Jon is concerned about this and was in the Park yesterday surveying the scene. The more the merrier!

Jon & Fi  are the best Councillors to send to as Jon is a FOSAP  & the Park comes into Fi's constituency


Doug Reid

Fi  said there was a head of steam up for a new additional Toilet but i haven't seen that comment on here?

Any idea where it was posted?



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