I recieved an email today from a Bristol Freelance Event & Project Manager.

Please let me know your thoughts.

I'm working with Margaret Dunning and Ruth Essex in Bristol City Council's Arts, Festivals & Events Team on an installation by Bristol Artist Luke Jerram called Play Me, I'm Yours. The plan is to put 16 upright pianos in public outdoor spaces across the city for three weeks in September for people to play as part of the Colston Hall Opening celebrations. The idea is that the public can play the pianos and that gigs, concerts and performances will also be encouraged.

We are looking at a number of locations across the city, with some in the city centre and others out in the neighbourhoods. One of the key locations I have been asked to look into is St Andrews Park. I've checked the existing Premises License for the square and there is one in place that would cover this installation allowing us to have the piano operable from 8am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday for the three week period from Friday 4 September through until Monday 28 September 2009.

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Can't see any reasons to object to this. Seems a good idea, but I assume the scheme is insured against possible vandalising of the pianos!

I did post a message about this project on this forum last week, but it's disappeared! We do have a piano tuner (tuna) who will come round to tune the piano at least twice a week. We also have a platic cover for the piano which we hope will offer some protection from the elements. The piano is an old honky tonk piano so it's at the end of it's life. I am looking for some local people to help with this project reporting any problems with noise pollution (annoying the neighbors) and vandalism - if you can help please email sally@sallyreay.com. Thanks.
Great idea, but the piano might get a little wet if it rains. Indeed (dreadful old joke coming up....prepare yourselves) it might get so wet you'd find a fish inside it and that fish would of course be.....

wait for it......

I did warn you....

a piano tuna!!

...I'll get me coat....


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