Can I please address the below comments from the AGM. I would like to respectfully state that in no way has anyone attempted to contact me. Had i been contacted i could have provided full details of all reported incidents and Police movements and actions within the park this year.


Sarah McMurchie (ASB) reported 2 recent robberies in SAP. SM has had difficulty contacting our local community policemen/women. Not got much info except both involved children. Has arranged to meet with community police soon. Concerned that previous reassurances given by the police may not have been noted by their replacement officers.



In future if anyone wishes to contact me my directly my details are:

PC 1486 OWEN

Beat Manager for BD 174 (This covers St Andrews Park)



I would also like to add that are local PACT meeting where councillors, transport services, safer Bristol and the Police attend and field and questions from concerned residents. We also provided details of our efforts over the past 3 months and it your opportunity to vote in PACT priorities which the partner agencies will focus on in the forth coming months.

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Hello Alex,
Sorry to hear of your concern. I am replying as Chair of FoSPA in the absence of Sarah McMurchie, our ASB Convenor and Hon. Secretary, who is on holiday until the end of the month. I note that Sarah says that she has "arranged to meet with community police soon". Presumably that is with one of your colleagues, but we won't know more until she gets back.
Can I suggest that I contact Sarah on her return and ask her to get in contact with you to clear up any communication problems.

John Mayne


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