We are a small group but with over 35 years of research experience in the research of WW2 aircrews (from all nations).
We are a non political Society and are delighted in what the people of Bristol are trying to do with regards to this memorial.
In addition we carry out all our work on a completely free basis and as such are unable to contribute to the fund.
However, we are willing to make and donate a small plaque with a photo of the crew members lost, together with wording of your choice on a ceramic tile to be placed somewhere in the the Park.
We are also willing to offer visitors to the park on the day of the unveiling ceremony of the memorial either a mouse mat or a coaster with "Friends of Andrews Park" logo together with the details of the crash at cost price (Postage and packing will have to be added of course).
The purpose of this is to assist in the ceremony and also to promote our work.
Kind regards,

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Thank you for your interest. We will be placing a memorial in the Park. We do not feel that mementos as you suggest are appropriate.
Sorry that you felt my offer of the gifts is not appropiate - I was simply trying to assist your group with the superb memorial plans.
Good luck with the memorial and we applaud what you are doing.
I hope my reply did not appear to be putting down of your ideas. We felt mementoes would be a distraction and perhaps would not suit the solemness of the occasion. Please feel free to offer other help and support.
I would much prefer any money raised to go towards building a communal BBQ area in the suitable location in the park -- Australia style. This would probably dissuade some people from ruining the grass with their portable barbies. Also useful social resource -- nothing like comparing recipes while cooking for getting to know your neighbours....
Not sure that would be appropriate, unless the BBQ was in the shape of a Wellington Bomber. Then again perhaps not.


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