A big thank you to Jenny Morris for organising the 75th anniversary service remembering the crash of Wellington T2905 on 30th April. Apparently the anniversary was featured in the Western Daily Press on Tuesday 26th April and this featured a photo of the wreckage of the plane being guarded. I have searched for years to find any such photo and would love to get hold of a copy of this. I have contacted the Western Daily Press but they have yet to respond. Does anyone have a copy of the Western Daily Press for 26th April?

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Hi John I popped into Bristol Central Library today; their reference library is on the first floor and they have the Western Daily Press available for rummaging through. I did a quick check in the 26 April paper but didn't see the photo; so tried the 30th as that was the anniversary; again no luck; mind you I was racing through and may have missed the page.  Just thought you might like to know you can read recent papers there. May be the photo was in the Evening Post? Who knows. Good luck. 

Thanks for trying Elaine. I live in Sheffield, so it's not easy to get to Bristol library. My uncle, who lives in Tetbury, told me about the photo. I will check with him as to when it appeared.

Give me any new clues John & I will look again. Didn't realize you were so far away in Sheffield! Did you connect with the St Andrews Park friends group online through your interest in the Wellington? Or did you used to play in the park when you were a kid?

Sorry, don't have any other info about what appeared in the Western Daily Press, just that it was on previous Tuesday to the 75th anniversary (30th April) so I think it appeared on the 26th April, although it could possibly have been on the 19th April!

I came to the Friends website because of my connection with the Wellington bomber. I had put together a website about the crash and was searching for more information when I came across the site. I happened to join at the time people were proposing erecting the memorial and so I was able to give a lot more information on the crash. Have you seen the website?

John Thanks for your response re my queries about Wellington Bomber. After posting my questions I did then find answers on your super Wellington Bomber web page. Meantime Today I popped into the park to take some photos so hopefully you can see the monument as it is today but when I tried to upload them earlier it looked like my reply to you was deleted plus no photos; so this time I will just post this reply and then try photo upload!



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