I don't fully understand where or how the consulation on the "antisocial" behaviour is being conducted, and am only usually around at weekends - I wanted to add a comment but found I could not, so I'm posting up the letter I sent to Kevin. I am concerned that this is moving forward without any real debate:
Dear Kevin
Thank you for your consultation letter, I've been meaning to reply for some time. I understand that you have tried to come up with a creative and pleasant solution to a problem which has been raised by some residents. However I am strongly opposed to the proposal as the flat/ter areas of the park are an amazing and precious resource, used by people from all around the park and further afield, especially in the summer time.
I live almost opposite the park gates and am there every Friday and Saturday night, and often out in the park on Sunday mornings, and I can honestly say that the level of nuisance that I personally perceive is miniscule - a few raised voices and (rarely) music late at night, the inevitable higher volume of litter. At the same time I see people of all ages (local families as well as young people) enjoying picnics, hula hooping, and light games such as Frisbee and French cricket etc
Bristol is a fantastic city but one of the few things we lack is this kind of open space - you only have to look at Castle Park in the summer to see how much it is appreciated and used. I understand the kind of behaviour and policing issues that may come up, but if the city centre can be policed, theoretically in support of private bars and clubs and inebriated people, then surely something as socially valuable as this can be too.
Please therefore do weigh this side of the argument properly before proceeding at the behest of what might be a relatively small number of people.
Kind regards
Wolfgang Kuchler
71 Effingham Road
Tel 07851 313 697

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I noticed in the original post a reference to Castle Park. Their users group wrote to us about their concerns on development plans for the Park. The link is  http://www.castlepark.org.uk/ 

Hi everyone,

Just to remind you that, in addition to the debate on-line here, Kevin Parsons, our beat officer,  has asked for feedback about this idea - you can, and should, contact him directly if you want your ideas considered.  It is a consultation and he wants to hear from you. 

PC 1414 Kevin Parsons



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