PAGE 3: Hoverflies recorded in the park

Here is a list of all 19 species of hoverfly recorded in the park so far:

The species which have been photographed in the park (and a photo put on the website) are indicated by a star (*).  To see a photo, put the name of the species in the 'Search Friends of St Andrews Park' box, top right of the page. Then click on the small photo that appears.

Chrysotoxum festivum * -  yellow and black striped species, a wasp mimic

Cheilosia soror *

Episyrphus balteatus * -  probably the commonest UK species

Eristalis tenax *  (Drone fly) a honey bee mimic

Eristalsis pertinax *

Eristalis interruptus *

Eristalis intricarius * a hairy species, bumblebee mimic

Eupeodes luniger *

Helophilus pendulus *  - a wasp mimic

Helophilus hybridus *

Melanostoma scalare *

Merodon equestris *  (Greater Bulb fly) - a hairy species, bumblebee mimic.

Myathropa florea *

Platycheirus clypeatus

Sphaerophoria species * , possibly S. scripta.

Syrphus * sp

Volucella inanis * - a wasp mimic

Volucella zonaria *- a hornet mimic

Xylota segnis *

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