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At a special FoSAP meeting on 24th April Russell Horsey, BCC Senior arboriculturist, urged FoSAP to request a Tree Planting Plan which would address the future pattern of tree replacement in the park.

Below you can find out more about the Tree Plan proposals.

Tree Plan Summary for 30.5.12.docx

The NP in June 2012 supported this proposal.

The Tree Plan update for 18.7.12.docx

In October 2012, TreeBristol (BCC) met some park users in the park to open the public discussion about the Tree Plan. Some notes by FoSAP chair, John Mayne, are here

In January 2013 we received from TreeBristol a draft Tree Planting Plan for the park and we were asked to comment on the proposals.

The map for the park trees is here.    FoSAP  comments are here.

There will now be a wider consultation of residents and other stakeholders. When all the comments have been collated by TreeBristol, the planting of the trees will be organised as a community activity later this year.

If you have any comments you can send them to:

TreeBristol Brunel House St George's Road Bristol, BS1 5UY

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