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Tree Survey.  The parks dept recently (late 2011) did a survey of the park trees, with the proposals for work, and we were sent  this copy.

Simon and I examined the proposals and as we had some reservations, especially about the amount of 'tidying- up',  we emailed Russell, who is the Senior Arboriculturalist for BCC.

You can see Simon's photos of some of the trees to be felled; they are dated 27 Jan 2012.

You can read the emails here

Following posting of the felling notices a public meeting was organised for April 24th 2012. You can read the notes of that meeting here

Since that meeting two proposals have been suggested for the cherry tree near the entrance at the Lower end of Leopold Road.

Fi Hance, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Redland, has been in regular contact with Russell Horsey, BCC arboriculturalist, over the recent Park Tree survey and associated works, including the felling of three cherries.

1. A protective fence around the Cherry Tree forming an exclusion zone.

2. A replacement tree.   You can read her email to FoSAP here

3. A tree Plan for the Park has been approved by the NP committee. The Tree Plan will involve just the trees and may result in the planting of more park trees.  All other features are covered by the Horticultural Improvement plan which was included in the Management Plan and is being actioned.

Watch this space.

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