June 2019 Poppies in the Leopold Meadows

The Floral spirals which have been such a colourful feature of the park for several years are a bit different this year (2019).
The decision by BCC not to use glyphosate means that this year the flower seed was sown into the grassy areas directly; that is more of a challenge for some of the flowers, but the red and yellow poppies are now flowering among the long grass that has grown up with them as are some of the other flowers which were sown.
Poppies (there are several kinds) are wildlife-friendly plants, having abundant, accessible pollen for bees, hoverflies, and other pollen dependant insects, so we can both admire them and value them in the knowledge that they are encouraging wildlife to our park. Some years the poppies in our park have continued flowering until the end of October.

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