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Comment by Jo Corke on January 30, 2017 at 17:32
Well, given the comments on Henbury visitors to the park, about extolling the virtues of our park, it seems the birds have already spread the word. This from
"September and October will see the major arrivals of Redwings into the UK, as birds cross the North Sea, from Scandinavia and Russia, and Icelandic birds arrive in western areas.

By the time that autumn turns to winter, Redwings will have largely finished their journeys, settling in the warmer and relatively frost-free areas away from the east coast. Hard weather may force them to migrate further, with Scandinavian/Russian birds continuing westwards to Ireland or southwards into southern Europe. The birds do not take the same migration routes each year, so these birds in the park this winter may have been in Portugal, Greece, or even Iran last winter."

Des will tell me if this info needs amending.

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