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New Byelaws consultation

As you may know, Bristol City Council is consulting users of parks on new Byelaws to combat Anti-social behaviour.   The consultation document (see link below) is reasonably short and gives everyone a chance to comment.  Please take time to complete the form so that we can make sure that your voice is heard!…


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Tree Quiz

How well can you identify UK trees from their leaves – quiz.
Eight out of 10 people in Britain are unable to identify an ash leaf when shown an image of one, according to a survey commissioned by the Woodland Trust. Can you do better?

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A general Welcome to friends of St Andrews Park from Regina



Back from my short break  Welcome to all the new members of Friends of St Andrews Park. 

I hope you all enjoy using the park and find our website useful and informative.

I will be sending you new members an individual welcome as you join or shortly thereafter.



Regina (membership secretary)


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Bird walk 19th May

A shortened ramble this morning and with just three of us in attendance. The highlight was good views of a couple of Goldcrests. The full list as follows:

Starling - one searching for and carrying food suggests a nest nearby

Blackbird - several feeding on the grass and lots of song heard

Goldcrest - one hear singing near the park-keepers compound and two seen at the top of the park - they may have had a nest in a …


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Unsatisfactory Fencing Latest from John Mayne.



Hello folks,             

  Last week I had an invite from Chris Hammond to join him, plus Fay of the Tea Garden and our new AEO, Mark Owen, by the main gate on Effingham road to discuss remedial work on the new fencing.  Chris told us that there had been a lack of communication that had lead to some of the problems that have arisen.  To overcome these, he is recommending the following actions:1.      The new gates will be replaced with chicanes which will serve the…


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Leafy Murder Mystery Day! Free nature/science event!


Saturday 18th May at Stoke Park. It is 

a free event for local families and is all about exploring and detecting nature… 


There will be 'Leafy Murder Mystery' walks for collecting clues of…

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parks are good for you

From Mark, for the website

I saw this on the BBC and thought it was very relevant to FOSAP:

Green spaces boosts wellbeing of urban dwellers - study

Parks, gardens and green space in urban areas can improve the…


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Bird walk 21 April

Well as Simon said earlier, we were able to see a Mistle Thrush nest with young - a definite highlight of this morning's walk. The full list:

Mistle Thrush - song heard and nest found. I wonder if the singing bird (which seemed to be coming from the other side of the park) was additional to the pair seen near the nest?

Blackbird - several birds

Robin - 1 or 2

Dunnock - a couple of singing birds

Wren - at least 2 birds, 1 showing well near the bowling…


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Mayor's recent talk to local society

If you would like to read a summary of the recent Mayor's talk to the Open Meeting of the Bishopston Society, you can find this at:

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Bird Walk 17 March

Some cracking birds this morning, and thanks to Simon for spotting the stars of the show - 4 Waxwings! Full list as follows:

Waxwing - 4 birds near the bowling green

Redwing - 2 feeding on the grass

Blackcap - a male in song

Mistle Thrush  - 2 birds feeding on the grass

Blackbird - several birds feeding on the ground. Song and alarm calls…


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DON'T RESPOND to SPAM from Christina Rose Grand

The posting below to several members of the Friends website is spam. I would recommend NOT ANSWERING.

Generally the system stops this happening. I have asked admin to take it down.


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Bird walk 17 February

A satisfying variety of birds seen in the park this morning, including a showy Blackcap and a Fieldfare. Full list as follows:

Fieldfare - 1 feeding on the grass

Blackcap - a male showed well as it fed in the bare branches

Blackbird - several seen

Long-tailed Tit - just 1 or 2 seen

Blue Tit - several seen

Great Tit - 1 or 2 heard



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The importance of wildlfower meadows

here is the original story

For decades, the plummeting populations of bees and other pollinators have provoked serious concern: the busy insects' work is essential to about a third of all the food we eat, including tomatoes, beans,…


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What is a quintessentially British park?

Well, one like St Andrews Park, of course!

You can read an article from the BBC here

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Improving safety at park entrances

Some two years ago, concern was raised by the Friends of St Andrews Park about the danger to children using bicycles, toboggans, skateboards and scooters at the two park entrances on Effingham Road.  Since then we have been in discussions with Bristol City Council about the feasibility of putting up some kind of gates at the main entrance and for the erection of a…


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Bird walk 18 November

Only a few hard-core birdwatchers turned up today and the birds themselves played hard to get. The full list is as follows:

Chaffinch - a few flying over or seen in the trees

Greenfinch - 1 or 2 flying over

Goldfinch - a small group seen

Robin - several birds around, at least 1 seen well and vigorous song heard

Wren - 1 near the toilets. We don't always see or hear this…


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Halloween update


The weather forecast for Wednesday is not good.

An earlier start may well be appropriate – perhaps as early as 2pm.

Check it out in the park – Fay will put up signs Wednesday morning.

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Bird walk 21 Oct 12

At times it was very quiet this morning with seemingly little bird activity but we reached a respectable total in the end, helped by a fly-over Redpoll, a small finch with a distinctive buzzing call. The list in full:

Redpoll sp. - 1 flew over the Cuckoo's Nest bowling green

Goldfinch - present in small groups

Chaffinch - 1 or 2

Greenfinch - 2 or…


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Bird walk 16 Sep 12

As expected, there were not too many birds on view this morning due to the dense foliage on the trees but we managed to make the most of a small total. Full list as follows:

Blue Tit - one or two

Great Tit - a few showing well

Coal Tit - one calling as I left the park

Carrion Crow - three or four around

Magpie - several

Swallow or House…


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Paddling Pool Repairs


Here is the latest information (22.8.12) on

the paddling pool from Chris Hammond, BCC.

<"The paddling pool as you said is a wonderful…

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