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Bird Walk 15th Feb

Another successful walk in the park this morning; the total number of birds seen and heard was the same as last month - 17! One lucky participant saw a Siskin - a small finch which tends to be a winter visitor to these parts. Another highlight was a Long-Tailed Tit carrying nesting material - in this case a white feather - so spring cannot be far off!

The full list is as follows:

Blue Tit

Great Tit

Coal Tit

Long-tailed… Continue

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Wellington bomber crash

Hi everyone,

My website is now up and running at If anyone has anything to add let me know via the response page.


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Meeting with Chris Hammond on 9.1.09.

These are the notes from last Friday's meeting.

Marjo, Des Bowring, Simon Randolph and I met up with Chris Hammond in the park, to talk about some of our current projects and ideas for the future. Chris was accompanied by Bryan Williams of Continental Landscapes who manages maintenance of the park on behalf of the Council. Chris had asked Bryan along to provide continuity given the likelihood of him being moved on to another job with the Parks dept. Here are some of the main things… Continue

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Wildlfower meadow - a proposal

Wildflower Meadow, Several members of FoStAP have been investigating the possibility of a wildflower meadow in the park. Discussions with the Chris Hammond, Senior Community Park Manager of Bristol Parks, have gone well, and a proposal has been received, which was discussed at the recent (24.11.08) wildlife group meeting. Relevant issues were raised and recorded in the group’s minutes (see forum). This blog outlines the work which would be done if the project is acceptable to other park users.… Continue

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Nestboxes - they're up!

The twelve nestboxes donated to the park by the good people of St Andrews are now up! Despite the rain, several families turned up to watch as their nestboxes were expertly installed by Keith and Linda Hall. The huge Tawny Owl box is an impressive sight and will hopefully be occupied in the future. Next time you are in the park, see if you can count all the nestboxes!

My thanks to Keith and Linda and to the generous park users who have donated a nestbox - here's hoping for a bumper… Continue

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Trees in the Park

I would love to know the names of the trees in the park. I sent an email to Bristol City Council & got this reply:

Just a quick introduction - my name's Pete Norman, and I'm in charge of surveying Bristol City Council's trees. Unfortunately I don't get to do any research into the history of our parks, but I recently supplied a list and map of the trees in the Park to the Friends of St Andrews Park;

I wonder if I could have a copy of this list & map? Perhaps it could go… Continue

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INTRODUCTION: Friends of the Park member Jane Speedy has recently completed what must be the largest ever survey of park users. Here are the draft findings which make absolutely fascinating - if not disturbing - reading. Apologies that some of the data has become unformatted.


" Survey of St Andrews Park- first findings- may day weekend 2008


This survey was conducted over various… Continue

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Lamp Posts

Where have all our old lamp posts gone.?

Without warning or Consultation City Council contractors have removed the old gas lamp posts from St. Andrews. Many of these lamp posts were installed as gas lamps when St. Andrew’s was developed at the end of the 19th. century. They were a part of our street furniture along with what railings remain, old pillar boxes, bollards and benches. They are a part of the landscape of this community. Why have they been taken.? The story constantly changes –… Continue

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Maps of park

I have been doing some research on the park. The earlist map was surveyed in 1881 and published 1885 or there abouts. The major problem is that the Park covers three corners of map sqaures and so I have had to try and stitch them together. You will see there is nothing to show. What is now the Park was a grass hill probably used for grazing. The only feature is a small quarry about where the gardeners huts are located. The 1903 map show the whole area built up and the Park not much different…


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Sea Gulls

We have an additional problem now. As well as pigeons we have sea gulls at 4am. Chris Jones ASBO Officer is pressing legal to get on with the court case against Bamfield.

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