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For information: Anyone can apply to join the website; the applications are looked at to try to ascertain if they are real or spam, and mostly we spot spammers.

However Maris aka Stella  made a reasonable application and was admitted; that proved to be a mistake.

Please ignore any messages from that person.

Thanks to those who have already contacted us.

We have deleted that person.

Jo Corke

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BCR Community Partnership

BCR CP Next meeting Wednesday 20th November, 7pm - 9pm

at Redland Parish Halls, Redland Green Road

This Community Partnership is for the…


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Street Scene

Street Scene

The BCR Street Scene Group is a group of local volunteers who work, together and separately, to

  • spot and report problems, such as overflowing waste bins, ‘fly-tipping’, graffiti tagging, pot-holes, roads that need sweeping. dog fouling, hedges that…

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BCC freeze on non-essential spending.

  We have received the following message from Gemma Dando, BCC there is particularly disappointing news about the Head of Parks role. Three members of the BPF committee had taken part in the recent recruitment process.




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Pesticides in Parks

During 2016 BCC conducted some trials of glyphosate-free maintenance of parks and open spaces.

St Andrews Park volunteered to trial no glyphosate treatment of the Spiral florals near the Leopold Road side of the park.

An interim report on the trial has been produced by BCC.

This is also a  …


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FoSAP Constitution V7

Attached is the current Version 7 agreed at the AGM 15.4.14

This version has 2 addenda:

1. (25.2.14) outlining the Role of the Secretary

2. (11.10.16) Protocol for contact with Bristol City Council (BCC) officers.

If you have any comments you can raise them by emailing or commenting on this Blog.



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RHS award submission

We have applied for the 2015 RHS Award; the judges will visit on 20th and 21st July.

Our submission is here.…


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Committee Meeting Dates

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. Times and venues are advertised as an Event.

Minutes of previous meetings are posted in Forum.

Dates of meetings in 2016/17:-

       These meeting dates alternate between Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  All meetings will be held at St. Andrews Bowling Club, Derby Road unless otherwise agreed and will commence at 7.30 pm

       Please note that the…


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Newsletter Autumn - Winter 2015

You can read the Autumn - Winter FoFAP newsletter here.

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Liaison with Police

It was reported to FoSAP early in November that two teenagers were mugged recently in St. Andrews Park in separate incidents. One of them was beaten up quite badly and mugged and the other was held at knifepoint.  It is believed this was after dark and possibly drug related.

 FoSAP has been in contact with PC Andy Stamp of the Redland beat police who was very concerned about recent alleged assaults.  It seems that so far as the police are concerned, whilst the police have received…


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Frank Kwabena

Is probably not a Valid registration for this website.
Admin is investigating, but in the meantime I suggest you do not respond.

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The FoSAP Minutes are posted in the forum section.

The minutes of the recent meeting on 2nd September 2015  are here.

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Our Park Keeper.

News on Park  Keeper.

Following a request to BCC we received the following from Richard Fletcher 3.9.15:

There are no plans to move a park keeper post from St Andrews.  We feel having a site presence is the most efficient way of dealing with the workload there.  I guess we would always have to have in mind whether the right person is in there but we don’t have plans to change the staff member either.  I hope that helps.…


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Traffic Calming Measure Effingham Road June 2015.

We were asked about Traffic Calming Measures in Effingham Road.   Below is the FoSAP committee response to Cllr. Rob Telford.  Here is the map.

Dear Rob:

I have now consulted our committee about the proposed traffic calming measures at the junction of…


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Parks grounds maintenance changes – citywide. May 2105

Cllr Fi Hance forwarded the following email to us 9th June 2015.

It will be discussed at the FoSAP meeting 27.6.15

Dear Councillor 

I am writing to advise you of some changes the Parks service has made this year to some of its grounds maintenance services.  Grounds maintenance services include grass cutting, pruning shrubs and ornamental borders, cutting hedges, emptying litter bins and litter picking, maintaining sports pitches,…


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Sarah Tyler BCC report for the parkMay 27th 2105

Sarah Tyler, at Bristol city council, prepared  this report for the FoSAP committee meeting on 27th May 2105.

there is an update on the Paddling Pool, Gates, fences and walls, Flower beds, BBQs, Fly tipping…


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Bristol city council - How to report problems.

If you see a problem that needs reporting it is easy to do it online.    If you go to

the BCC website

and click on the tab REPORT you will get this list.…


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Bristol TreeForum

Dear Friend of Bristol’s Trees –

Dear Friend of Bristol’s Trees – You may have heard of last Thursday’s Royal Society report about cities needing to adapt to the effects of climate change. Within the report it recommends planting lots more trees in cities and up on the hills. It predicts many more vulnerable people (elderly mainly) in the coming decades and…


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Newsletter number 3, Spring / Summer 2014

Here you will find the most recent Newsletter.

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Green Capital Partnership

This is their website

This is their email

- FoSAP has joined the partnership by signing up to the Green Capital Partnership Pledge…


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