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The Cafe is at Risk!

With the bowling club consultation fiasco still smoldering, once again we are faced with having to defend ourselves and our community against the 'blitz' of Bristol City Council's approach to 'improvement'. Perhaps what we really need in the park is an air-raid shelter!

For those who haven't yet heard, "BCC Parks dept are planning to offer 5 year contracts for semi-permanent kiosks, and there is an option for three of Bristol parks to…


Added by Ches Chesney on September 21, 2010 at 20:04 — 4 Comments

Anti-Social Consultation

I'd like you imagine, for a moment, that you have returned home to discover a letter from Bristol City Council. They have written to you to inform you of a consultation regarding the constuction of a new motorway. They want to know whether you would prefer it to run past the back of your home or the front. How do you feel about that? What goes through your mind? How do you react?

What if you were then told that it was a simply a consultation and that nothing had yet been decided? Would… Continue

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