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Leopold Road statements at full council last Tuesday

I was at the full council last Tuesday and read the Leopold Road statements in Public Forum with interest. The chamber (both chambers in fact) were packed out with 'Rent-A-Protest' - there were anti-Fracking groups, anti-Nuclear, anti-Chris Windows, anti-bedroom tax, you name it, they were there.

It was a shame no one from Leopold Road was there to read out their statements, There was some concern in the main chamber from the public gallery, that people wanting to speak had maybe been…


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Thanks to members of FoSAP wildlife group

A big 'thank you' to Des and Simon for their kind offer to help a community group in the Cranbrook Road area. We are trying to protect the flora and fauna and the Cranbrook stream and its wildlife, from potential damage if the new owners of 'The New Church' and land put in a planning application. We are arranging for local experts to conduct a 'site brief'' which can inform any planning application.

"Protect Redland (and Bishopston) from Over-Developement" ("PROD" has only been in…


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Public Loos saved - until the next round of cuts

Update on the budget proposal to close public loos - and the public consultation analysis


"With a bound he was free!"

How many other people feel as I do that this 'public consultation by press release' has been confusing for the public- and especially with this issue, which never came to any formal meeting of the council for debate, and did not have an officers report (apart from the equalities form).

This meant that we did not see any breakdown…


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new epetition against closure of public loos

This has been set up by campaigners in Westbury on Trym as the ones on their High street are earmarked for closure. If they get 3,500 names it can trigger a debate in the council. At present it has 246.

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Future of public loos in park(s) and the 2015 proposed reduction in parks services

Below is my DRAFT statement which I  have to give you all a tight deadline of the end of the weekend for amendments and additions - the decision is now 'pending' so I want to get this into the officer on MONDAY.

 Here's my email address rather than clog up the website with long threads of amendments: I will correspond with anyone suggesting amendments and put the final version up on here on Monday. Please…


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Public Toilets closures (proposed)

To: Mayor's consultation on the Budget 2013/2014

Item: R-PL-019

This is what I have put in to the consultation:

I attended the Mayor's consultation meeting on 28 November but I didn't feel that the Bear

Pit atmosphere was conducive to making a reasoned comment and getting a simple answer.

It seemed very much that those who shouted the loudest were the ones who got heard.

It is a…


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Mayors Question Time tonight at City Hall

I am going to ask a question generally about Public toilets under threat especially in our parks - yours are not on the list  for 'culling' and also not marked on the A-Z - so I am not clear if the council manages them or not. So I am asking the Mayor for some clarity, and if he can reassure you that they are safe at present.

If anyone from FOSAP is there I will try and meet up with you.I will be wearing an IFB badge (Independents for…


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