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web site for area

I have just uploaded a web site about St. Andrews and Bishopston including the Park. Comments very welcome. www.walkwithus.co.uk

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New tree

I am reliably informed that our new tree is a cedrus atlantica glauca - Blue cedar

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Guide to the trees of the park

The guide is now up and running. Select "trees" from the above to view,. ( Its in word so you can save it on your computer.)

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Dawn chorus

Anyone up for an early visit to the park if we can persuade Des to get up at dawn?

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Fund rasing for the memorial

The extensive publicity about the plans for a memorial to the crew and local people has bought offers of donations. I have asked Simon to put a tab on the home page but meanwhile here are the details. Donations should be sent to John Mayne, Treasurer, Friends of St. Andrews Park 23 Windsor Road Bristol BS6 5BW. Cheques should be made payable to Friends of St. Andrews Park and will be ring fenced for the memorial.

John Clarke is doing sterling work raising the profile of our… Continue

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Lamp Posts

Where have all our old lamp posts gone.?

Without warning or Consultation City Council contractors have removed the old gas lamp posts from St. Andrews. Many of these lamp posts were installed as gas lamps when St. Andrew’s was developed at the end of the 19th. century. They were a part of our street furniture along with what railings remain, old pillar boxes, bollards and benches. They are a part of the landscape of this community. Why have they been taken.? The story constantly changes –… Continue

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Maps of park

I have been doing some research on the park. The earlist map was surveyed in 1881 and published 1885 or there abouts. The major problem is that the Park covers three corners of map sqaures and so I have had to try and stitch them together. You will see there is nothing to show. What is now the Park was a grass hill probably used for grazing. The only feature is a small quarry about where the gardeners huts are located. The 1903 map show the whole area built up and the Park not much different…


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Sea Gulls

We have an additional problem now. As well as pigeons we have sea gulls at 4am. Chris Jones ASBO Officer is pressing legal to get on with the court case against Bamfield.

Added by David Cemlyn on July 6, 2007 at 17:06 — 1 Comment

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