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Bristol Parks Forum

Bristol Parks Forum is the umbrella organisation for community park groups and organisations in the city with an interest in their local parks and green spaces.

You can find their website here  In the Meetings section you will find the…


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Lichens in the Park

Welcome to the Lichen Blog.  

The lichens in the park are doing well on trees trunks, branches, fences and even on the concrete and some of the paths.  Lichens often favour just one or two of these habitats.

The high winds (Nov 2010 and…


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pond gate repairs

The park pond gate has been repaired.Thanks to Sarah Tyler, our efficient liaison link at BCC. 

Have a look over the fence and you can see that some tadpoles are still with us; others have already left for pastures new.

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Play Area development

Play Area Update March 2019

The Play area convenors are Sarah and David Cemlyn.


March 2019

Sarah Cemlyn has posted this good news about our  Park Children’s Play area.

This is to let…


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Improving the access to the pond

10th December 2014.

Phil and Andy, BCC staff who have been working on the Pond Access Improvement project, expect the work to be finished before Christmas.

13th Dec. The wooden walkway is almost complete and they have begun to lay the non-slip wire surface and to…


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Still clearing the pond

November 2nd.  We have done several sessions of pond clearing since we last posted in October.  We are definitely winning!

More good news - the work to complete the access to the back of the pond is likely to start again soon. Watch this…


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Clearing the pond

October 15th and undeterred by the weather 4 of us joined forces to do some more clearing of the overgrown pond. Becky, Simon, Jo and Maureen, taking the photo.

If you look at it today you can see what we have done so far. We will be there again Sunday morning - we welcome more help, so come along and join…


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The UK has 59 species of resident butterflies (Avon Wildlife Trust, Spring 2014).

In the park we have recorded 6 species which are below. If you search the photos on the website for 'Butterfly' you can read more about them.…


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Tree Quiz

How well can you identify UK trees from their leaves – quiz.
Eight out of 10 people in Britain are unable to identify an ash leaf when shown an image of one, according to a survey commissioned by the Woodland Trust. Can you do better?

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The importance of wildlfower meadows

here is the original story

For decades, the plummeting populations of bees and other pollinators have provoked serious concern: the busy insects' work is essential to about a third of all the food we eat, including tomatoes, beans,…


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What is a quintessentially British park?

Well, one like St Andrews Park, of course!

You can read an article from the BBC here

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Neighbourhood Partnership

What is a Neighbourhood Partnership? Read about it  here

Responding to the calls from the government for people to have more say in local decision making, Bristol City Council has introduced new forms of Neighbourhood Governance across the city. The new structures are called Neighbourhood Partnerships.

Neighbourhood Partnerships bring together local councillors, statutory agencies…


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The home page of TreeBristol is here

What is TreeBristol?

We want to plant a new generation of trees across Bristol. This will bring immediate benefits to people who live and work in Bristol and leave a legacy for future generations.

TreeBristol aims to increase tree canopy cover to…


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Opening of the park playground

Hi Martin,

thanks for the video - I think it is a first for the website!

And thanks to everyone who made it happen,


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Traffic noise pollution

Traffic noise pollution

Bristol City Council have launched an interactive map where people can add their favourite quiet place. This could be a park, woodland, cemetery or other open space. The noise consultation will feed into the noise action plan for the city and help us in developing a noise strategy for Bristol.

"Environmental" or "ambient" noise is unwanted or harmful outdoor sound created by human activities, including road, rail, aircraft and industrial… Continue

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Save Our Green Spaces

The aim is to oppose the removal of the Green Belt status from hundreds of acres of land around Bristol for the development of urban extensions. Check out their
website which was sent to us by Bristol Parks Forum for consideration of the issues. Jo Corke

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Hedge Watch

Hedge Watch I have been reading (and quoting from)….

Hedgerows by Anne Angus (1987) This is a year diary (like a Blog, but printed in a book) of her local hedgerow in Wales. It inspired me to start this discussion. Hedgerows in the countryside are, in effect, long woodland edges but without a wood behind them. They attract the species you would find at the margins of woods. As in a wood, the ground beneath a hedge is covered with… Continue

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Wildlfower meadow - a proposal

Wildflower Meadow, Several members of FoStAP have been investigating the possibility of a wildflower meadow in the park. Discussions with the Chris Hammond, Senior Community Park Manager of Bristol Parks, have gone well, and a proposal has been received, which was discussed at the recent (24.11.08) wildlife group meeting. Relevant issues were raised and recorded in the group’s minutes (see forum). This blog outlines the work which would be done if the project is acceptable to other park users.… Continue

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