Where have all our old lamp posts gone.?
Without warning or Consultation City Council contractors have removed the old gas lamp posts from St. Andrews. Many of these lamp posts were installed as gas lamps when St. Andrew’s was developed at the end of the 19th. century. They were a part of our street furniture along with what railings remain, old pillar boxes, bollards and benches. They are a part of the landscape of this community. Why have they been taken.? The story constantly changes – the best one to date is that one was corroded by dog pee.
The Council argument is that they have a policy to increase lighting to reduce crime. However A 250-page report, entitled Crime Reduction Review drawn up on the instructions of Tony Blair, who wanted to identify the most effective ways of cutting crime by 2008 concluded
“Measures such as CCTV, increased street lighting and longer custodial sentences were judged in the report to have been expensive failures, with only a few exceptions.”
"Better lighting by itself has very little effect on crime.", a
quote from The effect of Better Street-lighting on Crime and Fear:
A review by Malcom Ramsay of the UK's Home office.
So installing motor way style lights in our community is unlikely to reduce what little crime we have.
The real reason I contend is that the Council needs more old fashion lamp posts to increase the lighting in conservation areas. So they have a policy to take them from non conservation area to enhance conservations areas.
We have lost our posts although we have rescued one which hopefully we can restore and put up in our local Park unlit because it is said that lights in the Park increase crime. We hope other areas of Bristol can save their lamp posts. I think the whole policy needs to be looked at and all work should be suspended.

David Cemlyn cemlyn@blueyonder.co.uk

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Comment by Simon Randolph on November 11, 2008 at 17:09
Just to say thanks for your work in producing the Tree guide, David. Very useful. And re the lamp posts - we have one of the new monstrosities right outside our house. Thank God we have the bedroom curtains fully lined! Do you know what the Council's policy is on painting these? I have noticed there are a few in the area that have been painted black, which makes them a little less obtrusive, but most, including 'ours', have been left in their pristine bare metal state. Surely we could expect them to be painted.

Simon Randolph

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