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This eFOCUS is sent to those who have expressed an interest in what is happening in and around Ashley ward. If you want additional information on any topic, then please let my colleague Waliur Rahman or I know or follow the web link where available. For daily updates and events see the wall at Ashley Ward Information Facebook page 

Waliur and I have been carrying out residents surveys on streets in St Andrews, St Werburghs, Montpelier and St Pauls to check on current issues, and ensure that we are delivering the best possible support to our community and direction for our city. We will feed back the results and the actions that have arisen. 

(1) Highways plans for 2011/12 and beyond

A meeting was held on 17th January 2011 to explore some of the 70 or so road and pavement improvements suggested by residents and businesses in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership area. There are Ashley Ward schemes progressing (subject to TRO consultation) in Drummond Road, St Pauls area, and Hurlingham Road, St Andrews area. 

In addition officers have been asked to produce some options to be considered for priority in 2011/12 - there are limited funds available, but Waliur and I are also looking to explore S106 funds and other funding streams.

Schemes discussed on 17th January included, Picton Lane, (Montpelier), Ashley Hill/Chesterfield Road, (St Andrews) junction, Cobourg Road/Ashley Hill (Montpelier) junction, Magdalene Place (Montpelier) and possible schemes around Mina Road and Sevier Street (St Werburghs). We also discussed possible additional "dropped kerbs" to make walking, pushing buggies and wheelchair access easier.

These are at an early stage, so there will be lots of opportunity for community involvement should any schemes be progressed this coming year. Decisions on priority will be made at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting on 16th March. Please let Waliur and I have your comments and suggestions.

(2) Westmoreland House.

The Council have secured funds to progress a CPO scheme again. The Lib Dem Cabinet was progressing this between 2005 and 2007, but lost control of the city in May 2007, when the Conservatives backed a return to Labour administration. The CPO scheme on Westmoreland House was not progressed. Those thinking that it would be good to get Labour back in this May might care to reflect! Waliur and I are seeking a community meeting in the next few weeks to re-open discussions on next steps. Watch this space.

(3) Ashley Neighbourhood Forum NF

Next forum meeting is Monday 7th February 2011 6:30-8:30pm at St Pauls Learning & Family Centre. Waliur and I will be there, as will Police, other Neighbourhood Partnership NP members, street scene, parks, housing officers, etc will also be attending. This is an opportunity to discuss local issues.

(4) Ashley Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership NP

Next meeting is Wednesday 16th March 2011 at the Unitarian Chapel on Brunswick Square, St Pauls. Agenda and details should be up soon at for more details. This is the local partnership decision making body and will be responsible for developing and investing a widening range of local services.

(5) Pallisade fence along the sky line above Church Field

Concern has been expressed about Network Rail plans for a Pallisade fence along the sky line above Church Field. Network Rail have said that they will "not start any work until further discussions" with Narroways Millennium Green Trust NMGT. More details at 

(6) Narroways Millennium Green Trust NMGT AGM 

AGM will be held at the Wildgoose Space in The Yard, St Werburghs on Monday February 7th at 8.00pm

(7) Friends of St Andrews Park FoSAP

The new signs and finger posts are being installed in the park. More details and photos on the web site The Friends are also working with Council Officers to achieve Green Flag Status, bidding for a climbing frame and returning the gates to the bottom entrances to the Park. We have had some mixed views about gritting the park paths during the recent cold spell.

(8) Polling district boundary change proposed for Ashley ward

The Boundary Commission is insisting that the Council change some of the polling districts in Ashley (and other wards in the city). This means that some people will have a different polling station next May. More details in due course.

(9) Bristol Inter Faith Dialogue have notified me of two events in next few weeks: They are open to all. "How People of Faith Help the World's Poor" Thursday 10 February 2011, 7-9.30pm at Progressive Synagogue, 43-45 Bannerman Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0RR and Civic Inter Faith Celebration: "Working together" Wednesday 2 March 2011, 7 for 7.15pm start The Council House, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR 

(10) Dove Lane community meeting to discuss the new plans for regeneration - Thursday, 10th February 6:30 - 8:30pm at Unitarian Chapel Meeting Hall, Surrey Lodge, Brunswick Square, St Paul's, Bristol, BS2 8PE

(11) Disappointment over appeal decision on planning application at 19 St Nicholas Road, St Pauls (old St Nicholas pub site). Letter sent to interested residents. If you would like a copy please let us know.

(12) Progress continues on work in Montpelier Park. Launch event planned for Saturday 26 March. "Were aiming to keep it low key and friendly, getting people to use the new facilities and see it as a safe place to hang out in." More details at 

(13) Possible progress at St James Barton roundabout "the bear pit". Lots of good ideas, with creative and unorthodox support from council, residents and "interested parties" - More info at 

(14) Mythbusters - issues raised on the doorstep...

As the election draws closer, you may hear opponents suggesting we are doing foolish things locally or nationally. Some of the stuff nationally does seem "foolish", such as rumours of "votes to sell off forests" and threats to reduce access to legal aid. We have fed back our views through our MP, Stephen Williams and direct to Ministers and we will await the government response on these and other issues. There are mixed views on the doorstep on whether entering a Coalition was the right thing for the country given the national financial situation. Stephen can be contacted at 

Locally we are investing in improved and better maintained parks, and are purchasing additional park land for the city. We are continuing investment in the Severn Beach Line and hope to see further timetable improvements and improved contractural arrangements. Good to see station ticket machines at last! We are seeking to commission door step plastic recycling from later this year - we are already trialling it around the city. We are planning to roll out 20mph to all residential roads in the city. We are offering communal bins in some residential streets - a trial in St Pauls has gone very well. If you have any concerns about our policy direction locally, please do raise it direct with Waliur and I.

There is always lots happening in and around the ward. If you have particular topics of interest, then let us know or post yourself at , as we send out infrequent emails on specific topics to those expressing an interest.

If you would like to help Waliur and I with resident surveys, delivering newsletters, investigating and responding to casework or even putting up a poster at election time, it would be much appreciated. We have a great team and we hope that we are making a positive difference in Ashley ward and in Bristol. 

Finally, we would welcome feedback on this eFOCUS. We are happy to help residents, local businesses and voluntary agencies where we can, to pursue issues to make Ashley better. Please let me or Waliur know if you do not want to receive emails from us.

Best wishes

Jon Rogers Waliur Rahman
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Ashley  Ashley Ward Campaigner

  07855 494 860
20 Windsor Road

St Andrews, Bristol BS6 5BP
0117 914 2558 
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Ashley Ward Lib Dems, 20 Windsor Road, St Andrews Bristol

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