Dear Resident

Happy New Year!  This eFOCUS is sent to those who have expressed an
interest in what is happening in and around Ashley ward.

For daily updates see the Ashley Ward Information Facebook wall at

If you want additional information on any topic, then please send an
email to my colleague Waliur Rahman or to me or follow the web link
where available.

You will be aware that we try and avoid party politics in this
newsletter. However, next month Bristol City Council's budget for
2012/13 will be set. I am a member of the Liberal Democrat Cabinet, and
we have proposed an additional £50m of capital spend "Investing in
Bristol's Future". This will deliver £20m towards new primary school
places (including local schemes), £16m on transport and highway schemes
(including local schemes), £5.5m for Extra Care Housing (potentially
locally) and 0.5m for home aids and adaptations and £6m for a new
swimming pool for East Bristol (taking pressure off Easton Leisure
Centre).  There is also £3.5m for parks and green space investment
(including local schemes).

We do not have an overall majority so we will need cross party support
to deliver this investment. Please could you lobby your contacts in all
political parties!  Thank you!


(1) Albany Green
(2) St Andrews Park
(3) Narroways
(4) St Agnes Park and St Pauls Adventure Playground
(5) Street Play opportunities
(6) Waste collection, tagging and street cleansing problems
(7) Roll out doorstep plastic and Tetrapak started
(8) £20m extra for schools
(9) Local school plans
(10) Stokes Croft pavement work
(11) Mini-roundabout, Chesterfield and Hurlingham Roads
(12) Possible closure Picton Lane
(13) "Picton Square" bollards
(14) Brook Hill scheme
(15) Cobourg Road and Ashley Hill junction
(16) Commuter parking in St Pauls
(17) Drummond, Brighton and Argyle Roads complete
(18) St Werburghs highway schemes
(19) Stokes Croft highway schemes
(20) St James Barton roundabout
(21) Dove Lane planning permission
(22) Carriageworks/Westmoreland House community vision


(1) Albany Green has investment - a coordinated approach is required
involving residents, parks, highways and St Barnabus school. We have
some money, but we need some action! Greg Eynon is the officer now
taking a lead on this.

(2) St Andrews Park. Next "Friends" meeting is Wednesday 29th February
2012. The toilet block upgrade was underway (hooray!), but not yet
finished (boo!) when last I looked. Work is progressing with the
Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership on reducing
risk at entrances to the park onto Effingham Road.  The AGM is Tuesday
April 17th 2012.  More information about the park is at

(3) Narroways Millennium Green Trust AGM at Wildgoose Space, The Yard,
St Werburghs on February 6, 2012 from 7:30pm to 9pm. "Our AGM with guest
speaker Des Bowring on winter birds on the hill. Come and support
maintaining and managing Narroways for wildlife and as a breathing space
for local people."

(4) St Agnes and St Pauls Adventure Playground - popular Dick Turpin is
again working with the local youth team. The playground is currently
open in Term Time - Tues to Friday 3.30pm to 6.30pm and Saturday 12 noon
to 5.30pm and in holidays Mon to Friday 10.30 to 5.30. Dick is working
with residents and other organisations to set up a management committee
and we are looking at possibility of opening at other times,
particularly on Sunday, with volunteers.

(5) Street Play - If you would like to "close" your street after school
to allow children to play under Bristol City Council's ground breaking
"Temporary Play Street Orders" then have a look at
 I am very keen to encourage more street play in Ashley, so will be
happy to assist in any way I can.


(6) Problems reported with new waste collections, especially in smaller
roads like Ashley Street and Albany Road. May Gurney and officers attended the recent Ashley Neighbourhood Forum and outlined
steps they are taking to reduce problems in future. There is also a
worsening problem with antisocial tagging. Please let us know of
problems with collections, tagging or street cleansing.

(7) New waste bins are being distributed to allow doorstep plastic and
tetrapak collections now starting to roll out across city and should be
universal by June 2012.  With our new MBT plant in Avonmouth on line,
Bristol recycling is now at a UK city record of 53% (was 12% in 2005!).
Well done everyone!


(8) As explained above, Bristol City Council Cabinet is proposing an
extra £20m for schools.  The Coalition Government has also been generous
to Bristol with two major capital injection of £18.3m in November and a
further £19m in December. Thank you to Stephen Williams MP and all those
who helped lobby ministers on Bristol's behalf. More details at

(9) The council now has the money to develop the primary schools that
residents need. Talks continue about how best to meet the needs of
children in Ashley.  Options can be complex and sensitive. We already
know about the new mixed primary school at Colston's Girls School on
Cheltenham Road, Montpelier and the expansion of Brunel Fields school on
Ashley Down to two form entry.  Planned work on Cabot Primary School is
overdue and further work will be needed once Dove Lane development comes
on line.


(10) Work has started on the pavement on Stokes Croft by the Full Moon
pub on Stokes Croft.

(11) The new mini roundabout at the junction between Chesterfield Road
and Ashley Hill, St Andrews appears to be working well, including for
the Number 70 bus. This roundabout was a precondition of the Hurlingham
Road scheme which is in the final design phase. Officers are working
with local residents, and will shortly seek a contractor to carry out
the work. This remains contentious, so we will be monitoring closely.

(12) Officers are investigating possible closure of Picton Lane,
Montpelier which is used antisocially by a few as a fast rat run between
Picton Street and Bath Buildings.  Residents appear divided on this
issue. Officers have just completed radar speed and activity recording
in the lane, and results are expected in the next week.  There are
concerns that there is no space for turning and only one exit from
Armidale Place garages if the lane is blocked.

(13) The bollards to "Picton Square" Montpelier, by Bells Diner are
frequently demolished. The council has ordered some heavy duty
replacement bollards, which have now arrived. They should be installed
in the next week or so.  We have also asked for a couple of the other
loose bollards to be re-seated at the same time.

(14) Brook Hill scheme was consulted on informally over a year ago. I
have asked officers to cost the scheme, which would require a formal
Traffic Regulation Order.  As an interim, residents are considering
whether planters might be placed on York Road on the corner of the
junction with Brook Hill to improve visibility and discourage corner

(15) A community consultation on proposed changes to the junction
between Cobourg Road and Ashley Hill, Montpelier, by the Ashley Stores
is about to start. The leaflet is prepared and should be going out in
next week or so.

(16) Measures to restrict commuter parking, and improve local resident
and local business support in areas of St Pauls are under active
consideration.  Local residents have been working with officers to tease
out the issues, before a possible wider community consultation.

(17) Work on Drummond Road, Brighton Street and Argyle Road is now
almost complete. The lines were painted this week. Some early concerns
about antisocial parking. As with all issues, we really appreciate your
feedback, comments and ideas.

(18) Residents in St Werburghs are working with officers on potential
schemes to improve residents' lives around Mina Road, Sevier Street, by
Better Food orgaConduit Road in St Werburghs.  Please let me know if you are interested
in getting involved and I can forward your details.

(19) Potential changes Stokes Croft are being discussed.  We have been
awarded £5m to develop local sustainable transport, and are in the
running for a further £25m. We are exploring ways of supporting business
and jobs in the area, as well as linking to the major transport
investment (over £200m) in and around the city.  More discussion on the
Ashley Ward Information Facebook page. See

(20) Major investment possible for St James Barton Roundabout (aka the
Bear Pit).


(21) Dove Lane development was given outline planning permission on 25th
January 2012. Dove Lane is a four acre area adjacent to Newfoundland
Way, Haston Drive, St Pauls Park, Circomedia, Cabot Primary and St Pauls
Sports Academy. More information in due course, once minutes come out.
Evening post article at

(22) Final Community Vision for Carriageworks and Westmoreland House due
to be published shortly. More details at

There is always lots happening in and around the ward. If you have
particular topics of interest, then let us know or post yourself at , as we send out infrequent emails on specific
topics to those expressing an interest.

Finally, we would welcome feedback on this eFOCUS. We are happy to help
residents, local businesses and voluntary agencies where we can, to
pursue issues to make Ashley better. Please let Waliur or me know if you
do not want to receive emails from us or unsubscribe using instructions

Best wishes

Jon and Waliur

Waliur Rahman
07855 494 860

Jon Rogers
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Ashley
20 Windsor Road
St Andrews, Bristol BS6 5BP
0117 914 2558
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