BCR CP AGM 22.2.18

Minutes of the meeting are on the BCR website here.


Report for Jan 16th 2018 Fosap meeting:

BCR Community Partnership. Jan 16th 2018

This Community Partnership is for the neighbourhoods within and around the wards of Bishopston & Ashley Down, Cotham and Redland (‘our area’).

John Mayne and Jo Corke have been involved on behalf of FoSAP from the beginning of this venture and FoSAP is registered as a founder member of the BCRCP.

The next BCRCP Public Forum will be the inaugural Annual General Meeting on

Thursday 22nd February 2018.

There will be 10 committee places for representatives from the various Friends groups and individuals who have joined the BCRCP. Neither John not Jo intend to stand for election, so if you wish to be put forward for election to represent FoSAP, then let John Mayne know. If not you, then who?

Some background if you are new to the area:

The community partnership evolved out of the previous Neighbourhood Partnership organisation, funding for which was cut by the council administration. The Bristol NPs were about devolving council power back to residents for very local issues like pavement repair and cleaning, parks, trees and road safety. Each year we had approximately £30,000 to grant to successful applicants young and old for improving the environment like trees, parks, waste, recycling and traffic. That funding is now withdrawn except for a small fund for councillors to support meetings

Aims of the BCRCP: The aims are to encourage and promote community spirit and cohesion, and the involvement of local people in community affairs;

seek to safeguard and improve the social, physical and cultural character of our area;

help people in our area to have a greater influence on decisions affecting their lives;

support local community groups, institutions and businesses to contribute positively to the quality of life in our area.

The Steering group has agreed proposed constitution for the new Community Partnership which will be put forward for adoption at its inaugural AGM. The Bristol City Council consultation on the Removal of remaining funding supporting neighbourhood action ended in Dec 2017. The BCR CP Steering Group responded to the consultation saying that it was another blow to local community action and empowerment. We await the Council’s decision.

You can find out more and sign up for the BCRCP newsletter on the website.

https://bcrcp.org.uk/   and  https://www.facebook.com/bcr.community



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Comment by Fo SAP on March 5, 2018 at 10:54

The inaugural AGM of the BCR took place on 22.2.18. FoSAP is a founding member.

The minutes of the meeting can be seen here.

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