The cool weather seemed to suppress birdsong today and our feathered friends were rather elusive, most being heard rather than seen. The list in full:

Chaffinch 2 or 3 singing

Greenfinch 1 or 2 flying over

Goldfinch a few singing

Great Tit  several

Blue Tit lots heard and seen including courtship display

Coal Tit a pair spotted by Simon showed well

Long-tailed Tit heard near the pond but I failed to see them

Goldcrest at least 1 singing

Blackbird several seen and sporadic song heard

Mistle Thrush at least 1 seen well

House Sparrow 1 or 2 heard

Dunnock 1 or 2 heard

Carrion Crow several seen and heard

Magpie several seen including a possible pair near the pond

Woodpigeon several heard and seen

Feral Pigeon 4 or 5 near the cafe

Chiffchaff a tantalisingly brief 'hweet' call was heard but sadly we couldn't connect with the bird

Blackcap a brief call heard near the toilets

Robin seen well near the pond and song heard from maybe 3 birds 


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Comment by Des Bowring on April 16, 2012 at 19:28

Ah I thought we heard a Wren and thanks for the Jay info.

Comment by Simon Randolph on April 16, 2012 at 19:07

Also Des:

A Jay was seen (by me anyway!)  And a Wren was heard several times.

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