Well, the birdsong may not have equalled the music of Bach, Handel and Vivaldi at Paul's concert, but we heard a Blackbird or two and that's close enough. The full list is as follows:

Magpie - one or two

Blackbird - two or three singing and several seen

Mistle Thrush - a late arrival seen after the walk from the cafe area

Robin - one or two, including one carrying food near the pond, suggesting a nest nearby

Dunnock - at least one singing and showing well at the top of a tree

Wren - at least two birds in song, one also seen well

Woodpigeon - several seen and heard

Feral Pigeon - ones and twos sprinkled around the park

Carrion Crow - three or four

Greenfinch - two or three, a couple seen well

Goldfinch - one flew over calling near the toilets

Chaffinch - a couple singing

Goldcrest - at least two seen well at the end of the walk

Blue Tit - not particularly conspicuous but heard occasionally

Great Tit - one or two calling

Coal Tit - one or two seen and heard

Long-tailed Tit - two or three heard and seen

Swift - screaming parties noted over the park

House Sparrow - two or three seen on surrounding properties

Lesser Black-backed Gull - two or three drifting over

Starling - just one or two seen near the toilets


Thanks to all who turned up.


The next walk will be on September 18th.



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Comment by Des Bowring on May 16, 2011 at 17:12
That's very kind, Simon. I'm touched. But you knew that already.
Comment by Simon Randolph on May 16, 2011 at 11:03
On behalf of all those who have attended the Bird Walks over the last 9 months, I'd like to thank Des for his time and commitment in running these regular monthly Sunday meetings.  Des' knowledge of birds can always be relied upon to provide interesting commentary to our observations; and many of us are getting much better at identifying birds by their song alone thanks to him!

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