It was a lovely sunny morning following yesterday's stormy conditions and it was good to welcome some new people. Highlights included a vocal but elusive Goldcrest, a confiding Jay and some winter thrushes flying over the park. Birds seen or heard today are as follows:

Blackbird 3 or 4
Chaffinch small groups of mainly female birds, mostly around the park-keeper's compound
Greenfinch 3 Flew around near the main Effingham Road entrance at the start of the walk
Goldfinch half a dozen or so, mainly flying overhead
Long-tailed Tit heard briefly at the start of the walk
Great Tit 1 or 2
Blue Tit 3 or 4 birds seen and heard
Goldcrest 1 or more birds heard calling and glimpsed very briefly in a conifer near the toilets
Magpie several birds seen
Carrion Crow several birds seen
Jay 1 gave good views as it searched for food on the greound near the toilets
Fieldfare 1 flew over the park, calling
Redwing a flock of about 10 flying over, seen by a couple of members of the group
Starling just 1 in a tree near the church
Woodpigeon several birds seen
Dunnock at least 1 showed well at the park-keeper's compound
Robin 3 or 4 birds seen and heard
Wren at least 1 heard
Herring Gull 5 or so occasionally drifting overhead

Remember there is no bird walk in December so the next one will be on the third Sunday in January. See you then.

Any other sightings of birds in the park please share them here on the website - I am compiling a bird list so all sightings are valuable!

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