Another beautiful sunny day and spring was very much in the air. The following birds were noted:

House Sparrow - mainly seen near the pond

Robin - a few including one giving close views near the bowling green

Blackbird - several feeding on the grass and heard singing

Mistle Thrush - 3 including (presumably) 2 males contesting territory

Blue Tit - a couple heard

Great Tit - 1 or 2

Chaffinch - 1 or 2

Goldfinch - a few

Greenfinch - heard singing and a couple seen

Magpie - several including nest-building near the pond

Dunnock - 1 singing near pond/bowling green

Starling - about 10 seen

Redwing - still hanging on...about 8 birds

Woodpigeon - several

Collared Dove - a few

Feral Pigeon - a few seen

Carrion Crow - 1 or 2

Wren - 1 heard near the pond

Herring Gull - 1 drifted over

Black-headed Gull - 1 flew over the bowling green

Raven - a probable bird flying just beyond the bowling green

Thanks to everyone who attended. See you next month!

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