Despite heavy rain before and after the walk, another good turnout proved that members of the local community are certainly not fair weather birdwatchers! As it transpired, we enjoyed a sunny start and a dry hour for strolling around the park. The highlight was watching a Blue Tit entering and leaving one of the nestboxes we erected in the autumn. The birds seen or heard were as follows:

Blue Tit - three or four birds seen and heard, including the nestbox occupier
Great Tit
Coal Tit - one heard singing in a pine tree
Blackbird - several seen including one gathering food
Starling - good numbers feeding on the grassy areas
Collared Dove including one doing a display flight
Carrion Crow
Jay - seen in a birch tree after most of us had dispersed
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Swift - a screaming party of at least half a dozen birds
Greenfinch - one giving great views near the pond
Chaffinch - several birds seen and heard
Goldfinch - one heard briefly near the pond

In addition, 2 Mistle Thrushes were feeding on the grass shortly before the walk.

I propose we take a break for the next few months as birds tend to be less easily seen in the summer months, perhaps resuming the walks in September. Thanks to all who have supported the walks thus far.

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Comment by Simon Randolph on May 23, 2009 at 19:55
Thanks for organising these bird watching sessions, Des. They have been really interesting and you have certainly increased the number of park birdwatchers around St Andrews. Given the very urban setting, it is amazing the number of species we have seen over the last few months. It would be good if you could give a total and cumulative species list for all these sessions.
It would also be of interest if, at the end of the summer, we could come up with a list of species we definitely know or we are almost certain are breeding in the park.

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