Well, the birdwatchers outnumbered the birds this morning, but never mind - these walks are a good forum for exchanging information not only about birds but St Andrews Park itself, so thanks to all who attended. I'm sure next month's walk will be a little more lively! Here is a list of what we did manage to see and/or hear:

Magpie - four or five birds in and around the park

Carrion Crow - two or three seen feeding on the grass

Robin - several calling and singing birds

Wren - one giving its grating alarm call near the play area

Coal Tit - at least one bird heard and seen

Great Tit - one or two

Blue Tit - associating with the aforementioned species

Woodpigeon - several birds flying or feeding on the ground

Feral Pigeon - a couple around the cafe area

On the way home I heard a Goldcrest calling near the pond.

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Comment by Des Bowring on October 8, 2010 at 18:05
Still plenty of Jays around the park - I noticed a pair were near the toilets last weekend. October is a particularly good month to see this species as they are often seen making a cache of nuts and seeds at this time of year.
Comment by Jenny Etches on October 8, 2010 at 12:06
Does anyone know what has happened to the jays that used to be seen near the park?

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