These walks always seem to provide some excitement and this morning's was no exception - 2 Buzzards and a Peregrine passing overhead within minutes of each other made St Andrews Park feel more like the Bosporus than Bristol! The list in full:

Coal Tit - at least 3 birds singing, calling and showing well

Blue Tit - 1 or 2 singing

Great Tit - a few around the park

Long-tailed Tit - small groups noted

Chaffinch - thin on the ground, but at least 1 heard

Goldfinch - 3 or 4 singing

Greenfinch - 2 or 3 in song

Carrion Crow - 1 or 2 noted

Jackdaw - 2 mobbing a Buzzard

Buzzard - 2 within a minute or two of each other drifting over, possibly in a westerly direction

Peregrine - 1 flying purposefully over the park

Collared Dove - 2 or 3 heard and seen

Woodpigeon - several birds seen and heard

Dunnock - at least 1 heard singing

Robin - at least 4 birds in song

Blackbird - a good showing of male and female birds

Thrush sp. - there were brief views of what was probably a Mistle Thrush

Herring Gull - at least 1 drifting over


Thanks to all who turned out - see you next month!


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Comment by Des Bowring on March 22, 2011 at 21:58
Of course - how could I forget magpies!
Comment by Simon Randolph on March 22, 2011 at 21:18
And at least 2 magpies.

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