Well as Simon said earlier, we were able to see a Mistle Thrush nest with young - a definite highlight of this morning's walk. The full list:

Mistle Thrush - song heard and nest found. I wonder if the singing bird (which seemed to be coming from the other side of the park) was additional to the pair seen near the nest?

Blackbird - several birds

Robin - 1 or 2

Dunnock - a couple of singing birds

Wren - at least 2 birds, 1 showing well near the bowling green

Blue Tit - a few around

Great Tit - 1 or 2

Coal Tit - at least 1 heard singing

Goldcrest - at least 2 birds

Woodpigeon - plenty seen

Collared Dove - 1 or 2

Carrion Crow - several

Magpie - 2 or 3 birds

Blackcap - 1 singing near the bowling green and seen by some may have either been a migrant or an overwintering bird

House Sparrow - a group of birds seen well

Chaffinch - seen and heard singing

Goldfinch - still plenty around the park

Greenfinch - 3 or 4 birds

Thanks to all who attended - see you in May!

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