Dear Friend of Bristol’s Trees –

Dear Friend of Bristol’s Trees – You may have heard of last Thursday’s Royal Society report about cities needing to adapt to the effects of climate change. Within the report it recommends planting lots more trees in cities and up on the hills. It predicts many more vulnerable people (elderly mainly) in the coming decades and so urges decision makers to do the right things now. Separately you should know that five of Bristol’s fourteen Neighbourhood Partnerships have prioritised trees this year and two more are thinking about it. That could be half of Bristol including many of the less well-off areas.

Bristol’s Council is trying to do the right things but the combination of budget cuts and staff losses have slowed tree planting enormously and just as we enter our Green Capital Year. So I have been asked to get you please to either:

- volunteer to help at the PiPs (children) planting events, please contact:

- and/or please reply to the Mayor’s request for ideas about how to invest the extra £4m the Council now has, suggesting they need more people resource to plant the trees. The backlog of unspent tree money is building and is well over £300,000 and some will be lost if it’s not used soon. It’s the capacity of officers to plan the planting that is lacking. Either email:  or take part in the Mayor’s consultation survey which takes about 10 minutes:

(Note - If you read the documents supplied within the survey, it will take longer than 10 minutes!)

Other news: Forest of Avon Trust have more fruit trees available. Contact:

Next TreeForum meeting is 19th Jan 6pm. Probably in The Pavilion (Harbourside), contact   in the New Year if you intend to come.


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Comment by Fo SAP on November 30, 2014 at 13:12

Notice is given of a survey you can complete to ask for more trees - or anything else that the recently 'found' £4 million can be used for.

Comment by Fo SAP on January 29, 2014 at 15:15

The most recent Bristol Tree Forum report is now on this blog.

Remember 'Plant a Tree in '73?

Comment by Jo Corke on October 8, 2013 at 15:11

News from the Forestry Commission in the South West:  You may have heard that a new 'wider environment' case of Chalara fraxinea infection (causing Chalara dieback of ash) has been confirmed in mid-Devon. Some of the trees affected were planted up to 16 years ago and it is likely that the disease has been present at this site for some years. Please therefore continue to be vigilant and check any ash trees and ash woodland which you manage for signs of this disease, especially trees planted within the past 20 years. Refer to the video and pictorial guides on our website for help to recognise the symptoms ( If you have concerns, please report them through the Tree Alert app or online form available at, preferably including photos, so that the report can be assessed and followed up if necessary. An advisory note is attached which gives further information.

Comment by Fo SAP on July 8, 2013 at 12:56

Notes of the TreeForum recent meeting (1.7.13) now posted on this blog.

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